Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Vanilla Swingers

Vanilla Swingers exist in a lineage of sophisticated, imaginative and slightly leftfield British pop music that has been overly neglected for about fifteen years in favour of dumbed-down alternatives. Think Pet Shop Boys, ABC, and The The; literate, eclectic, auteur-ish popstars, slick and professional. Probably their closest contemporary reference point, if you’re desperate for one, is Stephen Merritt’s Magnetic Fields. Other named influences include Blonde Redhead and the book Straw Dogs by John Gray.

Their eponymous debut album is a concept affair about two people who meet, run away together, go back in time, lose each other, and meet again in 2015. But it’s also just a bunch of songs. Good ones. There are genuine pop hooks and riffs in “I’ll Stay Next To You” and the deliberately catchy but repetition-avoiding prog-pop experiment of “The Hive”, a successful attempt to write a song that stitches together multiple pop moments into a prog template. If you’re following the concept, it’s during “The Hive” that the time-travelling bit happens. More importantly, some ace music happens too.

Johny Brown, of near legendary punk folkers the Band Of Holy Joy, provides lyrics and vocals on “The Way She Walked Out The Door”. The album is, importantly, mastered by Kramer, who has produced the likes of Galaxie 500, Low, Dot Allison, Daniel Johnston, and Urge Overkill (of “Girl, You’ll Be A Woman Soon” fame, and little else), as well as played bass for Butthole Surfers and Ween, and who knows how to bring the best out of a woozy melody and dreamy arrangement. It was recorded and mixed with Ian Catt, who has worked with St Etienne, Stars, and Kylie Minogue.

The upcoming release from Vanilla Swingers is deep, emotional, chilly... A perfect music to make love by. The album comes out at 28th July. Recommended!

Vanilla Swingers - Danger In The Past
Vanilla Swingers @ MySpace

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Blogger Ziggy said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks man!

9:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot!

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Anonymous Roberto Zamora said...

Hello There
Brief Explain
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the jams!

The Brianjones Town Massacre requires passwords for some of the zip files. Is there anyway you can provide the password?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

fyi it looks like we sucked the first link dry, might want to take it down for a while.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey cool! i really like the vanilla swingers! i've never heard of them before and their tracks on myspace are really nice.

2:47 AM  
Blogger Susana said...

i love this band, sounds very cool.
thank you for doing such a great job on this blog;)
u rock!

9:06 PM  

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