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Odds were one of those bands that slowly worked its way into the consciousness of Canadian music fans. Reviews of the Odds first three albums paint a picture of a critically acclaimed yet underrated band. Singer/guitarist Craig Northey appreciates the kudos, but would like to take a shot at making his own assessment of where their self-produced fourth LP, Nest fits on the grid of Odds releases.

The Odds formed in 1987 and achieved mainstream success with its platinum album Good Weird Feeling (1995), which featured the hits “Truth Untold” and “Eat My Brain.” Other chart-topping tunes from The Odds include “Someone Who’s Cool,” which enjoyed 8 weeks as the number 1 song at Canadian rock radio and went Top 40 in the U.S, and regained some popularity when it was selected as the theme song for the short-lived but critical favorite CBS series “Love Monkey” (2006).

Northey started songwriting after he was asked to write a song for Rosanne Cash and since then has lent his abilities to numerous projects. He co-wrote the popular theme song for a Canadian comedy series “Corner Gas,” and composed the original score for Kids In The Hall’s feature film, Brain Candy and Bruce McCulloch's feature directorial debut, “Dog Park.”

The Odds return with the release of Cheerleader (January 20, 2009 - Second Motion/Red Eye) a fantastic new album packed with 14 alternative-fueled tracks full of dark, intense lyrics, full-voiced harmonies and jangled filled pop melodies that would make even Anderson Cooper want to dance. After a long commercially successful career that includes four standout albums and numerous hit singles, Cheerleader ends the Odds’ 10-year hiatus and marks a return to the bands innovative power-pop and trademark harmonies of Craig Northey and Doug Elliot. Recommended!

Odds - Write It In Lightning
Odds - Leaders Of The Undersea World
Odds - Jumper
Odds @ MySpace

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Blogger Ziggy said...

Fennesz - Black Sea (2008) !!!
Aphex Twin - Classics (Remastered) (2008)
+ Hud Mo, The Tuss, Gang Gang Dance, Lamb, The Black Dog, etc.

Keren Ann - Not Going Anywhere
The Shins - Wincing The Night Away

Stevie Ray Vaughn - Called The Blues

Siberian - With Me

Bon Marley - Live

The Raconteurs - Broken Boy Soldier

Mile - Driving Unders Stars
Roger Manning Jr - Catnip Dynamite
Pete Townshend - His Who Demos

Beck, Dashboard Confessional, The White Stripes, The New Pornographers


Peter Bjorn And John, The Swamp, Beck, The Beatnuts

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Blogger Axi said...

Thanks man!

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Anonymous Buy Generic Viagra said...

Odds was a great band until they changed their bassist for a complete loser, what a shame.

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