Monday, September 07, 2009

The Scratch

Forget all the talk about grunge or the 80s synth pop revivals. Let’s talk about the proper DIY punk & British rock ‘n’ roll of the 70s! With all of these retro musical references currently out there you can count The Scratch in as maintaining the proper ethics, attitude and sound of that time but adding their own contemporary twist to it for 2009. Envision The Buzzcocks, The Damned and The Clash boiled together with The Wolfmen, Dirty Pretty Things and a hint of Blur creating a spicy stew of fired up power rock that will have you reaching for antacids quicker than a hyena on methamphetamines.

Now, what makes them the hardest working DIY band in Britain, you ask? To their credit The Scratch have previously recorded, produced, mixed, mastered, manufactured (well…tried to buy the equipment to), marketed and released on their own 10 singles and 2 albums via their label Ponyland Records with one of the albums (‘Night Bus or Milk Train’) being re-released due to high demand after their gig to a 22,000 capacity crowd performing alongside Noel Gallagher, Paul Weller, The Charlatans, Ian Brown and Echo & The Bunnymen for the Versus Cancer show at MEN Arena in Manchester in 2007. Add to these achievements some heavy UK touring and festival gigs earlier this year showing off their aggressively colourful performance style and you have to take a step back and say: ‘Wow!’

They’re now gearing up for the release of their 3rd album ‘Whatever Happened to Friday Night?’ with their latest single ‘You Want the World’ which is a guitar driven hook monster with shouty vocals you could sing-a-long to at Steve Lemacq’s Punk Rock Karaoke.

Previous singles from the album reached the top 10 peaking as high as #1 on the Chart already this year. The band have received media support from Xfm including several live sessions and Drivetime interviews (Clint Boon), BBC 6music and BBC 3 Counties, various internet and UK student stations while receiving love from bloggers and webzines. So it looks like The Scratch want the world, and the world is looking like they want The Scratch! Are you ready?

‘You Want the World’ is out 5th October. The album ‘What Ever Happened to Friday Night?’’ is out the 12th October on Ponyland Records. Recommended!

The Scratch - You Want The World
The Scratch @ MySpace


SONG OF THE DAY: The Flaming Lips - Silver Trembling Hands
(from Embryonic, out October 13th on Warner Bros)


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Blogger Ziggy said...

Mew!, Owl City!

Mew, Jacks Mannequin

Dead Can Dance, James Blunt, Lamb, Peter Cincotti, etc.


The Go! Team, Elbow, Rage Against The Machine

Yo La tengo, The Mountain Goats

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Blogger HIPPYCREEP said...

the great indiesurfer is back. thanks again for the jams!

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Blogger raul_dook said...

welcome back ziggy.
glad to see you're on!
thanks for the great post..

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great post on arrival!!

Thanks Z.

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