Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Heather Greene

As one of the world’s only female Scotch whisky experts, Heather Greene has quite a life. After selling out venues throughout the U.S. and Europe and receiving exposure on major radio stations worldwide, Heather moved to Scotland to explore her heritage and work on her music. It was there that Heather discovered a zeal for whisky. Arriving in Scotland, she threw herself into the world of Scotch, and her voyage of discovery led her to the Scotch Malt Whisky Society in Edinburgh, where, as the first American woman to be invited to serve on the tasting panel and eventually joining the company as a U.S. Glenfiddich Ambassador.

It was also in Scotland where her second album, Sweet Otherwise, was conceived. Recorded when she returned to New York in 2008, Sweet Otherwise evokes lush, pastoral landscapes as potently as it captures the urban pulse of a vibrant city, weaving a kaleidoscopic array of musical elements – from classic 1960s-era folk to twangy country to textural electronica to upbeat, hooky 80s pop – into one of year’s most poignant records.

After performing in Philadelphia October 6th, Heather Greene is excited to announce the second installment of her “Whisky Song” series on October 8th in Brooklyn, NY. Heather will host an evening of intimate songwriting paired with a tasting of Scotland’s finest whisky. Recommended!

Heather Greene - Moon Hangs Fire
Heather Greene - Why Don't You Say Yes
Heather Greene @ MySpace


SONG OF THE DAY: Omar Rodriguez Lopez - Mundo De Ciegos
(from Xenophanes, out November 10th on Rodriguez Lopez Productions)


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