Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Free albums...

The Dogs are Peter Walters, James Krivchenia, Matt Bachmann and Rivkah Gevinson. The band has just released their sophomore album Free Write. The album is mixed/produced by James Krivchenia. Check it Out!

The Dogs - Free Write
(free album)


The people at Lefse Records have started an offshoot imprint, Waaga Records. To commemorate this event, they give you 15 tracks from their artists and friends. The Comp is available for free download from the link below. The first Waaga release will be from Denton, TX's FUR on February 23rd. Watch for all of these artists in 2010.

VA - Waaga Compilation (free album)


Infight comes from Freiburg, Germany and they play electronic indie music they like to call „DISCOPUNK“! Recently the band recorded theirr new EP called „the Discoland E.P.“. The album is available for free download.

Infight - Discoland EP (free album)


Besnard Lakes - Albatross
(from The Besnard Lakes Are the Roaring Night, out February 9th on Jagjaguwar)


Check Comments for Bonus!


Blogger Ziggy said...

Owen Pallett, The Delgados, Emma Pollock, Themselves, etc.

The XX, She & Him, Bon Iver, The Decemberists, etc.


Animal Collective

Kraftwerk, Enstürzende Neubauten, Can, The Notwist, etc.



Menomena, Dethklok, Harvey Sid Fischer

3:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Ziggy and welcome back.


11:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah ! happy new year indeed, Ziggy ! thanks again for all the music !

3:19 PM  
Blogger Axi said...


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Blogger Jorge Cerqueira said...

happy new year! welcome back!

10:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks for the post! happy new year!

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