Monday, August 23, 2010

Brazilian Money, Dead Confederate, She Sir, etc.


Brazilian Money are a double-drumming four piece from Edmonton, Alberta. Writer Garrett Johnson started in Edmonton's tightest band (The Mitts) and quickly parted for Edmonton's loosest band (The Wicked Awesomes!). Brazilian Money have released one EP to "critical" acclaim and successfully completed a cross-Canada tour. Continuing with their omnifarious pop flirtations, Brazilian Money’s follow-up to the hugely popular Friendly Neighbor EP is a monstrous attack against the DIY pop vernacular. Existing in the inexplicable pop-punk-fringe territory, Doing What I Want contains four wild adventures into chromatic catchiness, granular distortion, and anthemic harmonies. Exhaust the air in your lungs with every attempt to sing along. Released via Edmonton’s newest vinyl imprint, Totally Disconnected. Recommended!

Brazilian Money - Doing What I Want
Brazilian Money - Gold Chains
Brazilian Money - Bones
Brazilian Money - Macaroni Makeout Party
Brazilian Money@MySpace


Winter storms are punishingly cold and uncomfortable, but are an important source of water for spring growth. Likewise for Dead Confederate, the series of New Jersey blizzards that besieged the recording of sophomore album Sugar (a reference to the record snowfall) also heralded growth from the darker, somber realm of their critically acclaimed Wrecking Ball. With an evolving approach and focused, streamlined sound, Sugar explores new styles beyond the aching, bleak psychadelia of the debut. Recommended!

Dead Confederate - Run From The Gun

Dead Confederate @MySpace


Russell Karloff and M. Grusha formed She Sir at college. After their first record ‘Who Can’t Say Yes’ climbed into the top 100 on the CMJ charts back in 2006 (it was also named one of the best of the decade by The San Francisco Appeal) they set out to solidify and expound upon their brand of art-rock. The follow-up, ‘Yens’, took years to make but it contains the blueprints for the future She Sir sound. The band is currently hard at work recording their third and most radical release working with legendary producer Erik Wofford at Cacophony Recorders (White Denim, Black Angels, Okkervil River). Recommended!

She Sir - Lemongrass
She Sir@MySpace



Joseph James is a singer/songwriter from the South Coast of the UK, and he has been really busy over the past few months writing and recording an EP titled "The Summer Songs And Sing Alongs EP" which is released on August 1st 2010, and is available for free download!

Joseph James - The Summer Songs And Sing Alongs EP
Joseph James@MySpace


Tin Pan Alley is a powerpop quartet from Bydgoszcz/Toruń (Poland). Thier music unites sunny, light-hearted and mellow melodies with dissonance and distorted sound of post-punk and noise-rock but also draws inspiration from the post-rock movement of the "Windy City" in 90's. Their live performances are full of spontaneous ideas, energy, humour, improvisation and psychodelic passages.

Tin Pan Alley - EP
Tin Pan Alley@MySpace



Villagers - Becoming A Jackal
(from Becoming A Jackal, out June 8 on Domino Records)


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weezer kicks. thanks.

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You are a wonder, man. I'll leave my own music directory link here for you sometime when I've got time to put things in it. Thanks for your hard work.

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would you have any links to im from barcelona's dont give up on your dream, buddy?


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Hey! valeu... i love you :*

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