Thursday, October 28, 2010

Teletextile, Waxx Maxx, Generationals, Pepper Rabbit

Teletextile is the creation of multi-instrumentalist (Harp, Piano, Violin, Guitar) and vocalist Pamela Martinez. She just finished making her Reflector EP with Producer Al Carlson (GAMES, Oneohtrix Point Never, St. Vincent). She recorded with her primary band members Caitlin Gray (Bass, Guitar, Vocals) and Luke Scheiders (Drums, Bells). And a lot of friends in bands played on the EP as well, including Brian Hamilton (Cymbals Eat Guitars), Anysley Powel (Tigercity, St. Vincent), Elliot Krimsky (Glass Ghost), and Dave Sheinkopf (The Subjects.

Teletextile - What If I
Teletextile - I Don't Know How To Act Here


The threesome that is Waxx Maxx assembled in the Spring of 2010 in Minneapolis. Waxx Maxx was originally a collaboration between established producer/guitarist Mark Mallman and vocalist Nicole Godiva. The drumming talents of Alyssa Marie (NG's sister) were added later to compliment the budding sounds being created. The trio is releasing one track per month at their website: You can also find tour dates at the site as well as videos (in the future).

Waxx Maxx - Eaten Alive
Waxx Maxx - Phenomena
Waxx Maxx - Celine And Julie Go Boating
Waxx Maxx@MySpace


New Orleans sunny indie poppers Generationals recently announced the details of their brand new EP, Trust, which will be hitting all digital stores on 11/16 via Park The Van (iTunes gets it a week early, on 11/9). In their second release, the band is audibly transitioning from a jangling, sun-kissed sound in the vein of Aztec Camera or Felt to pop drones distinctly more hypnotic, textured, and challenging to conjure accurate comparisons for.

Generationals - Trust


Recording sessions often take unexpected turns. At least, that's what happened when Los Angeles songwriter Xander Singh began tracking his solo album with drummer Luc Laurent. The pair quickly realized an unusually strong musical connection between them, and decided that they needed to form a band. Armed with some additional samplers and loops, Xander and Luc began performing under the name Pepper Rabbit. Since then, the psych-pop duo has been building quite a following both live and on the interwebs, counting among their fans fellow L.A. darlings Local Natives, with whom they’ve toured. This week Pepper Rabbit released their debut LP, Beauregard on Brooklyn’s Kanine Records (Surfer Blood, Depreciation Guild).

Pepper Rabbit - Babette!
Pepper Rabbit@MySpace


The Cartakers - Daddy Laughed (EP)


SONG OF THE DAY: Lykke Li - Get Some
(from Get Some/Paris Blue EP, out October 2010)


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Grinderman!, The Walkman!, Maximum Balloon!,
Black Mountain!, Rain Machine!, etc.

Die Antwoord!, Girl Talk, MSTRKRFT, etc.

Bibio, Russian Circles, Simian Mobile Disco


The Used



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