Thursday, November 25, 2010

Shapers, La Femme, Tristen, Pujol

Chicago's Shapers arrived with an eruption! The newly formed four piece bonded based on a shared passion for sonic explorations. The resulting material playfully experiments with atmospheric waves, ambient soundscapes, squalling jazz blasts and pulsing Kraut-rock. Their debut album Little, Big, released last winter, garnered massive praise around their hometown. Whistler Records is releasing Shapers next missive, Happy Birthday Polywog, on November 16th and the band will hit the road to the East Coast and back. With plans for a new album and full US tour this spring, the band will certainly to ascend far and wide.

Shapers - Virginia Reel
Shapers - Nadya Lions And The Imposing Peril Of A Brand New World


As La Femme prepares to for their first U.S. gigs, the band remains an enigma. Hailing from Paris, the group walks the line between erotic avant-pop and lo-fi surf rock. Their music can be flippantly light-hearted or aggressively dark depending on their mood. The one thing is clear though: La Femme is part of the 2010s, a decade that has yet to be written. La Femme will be spending the next 2 months in the U.S.A., playing the East Coast and creating general mischief. Keep an eye out for the band’s debut EP set for release on December 13th on 3rd Side Records.

La Femme - Sur La Planche
La Femme@MySpace


Tristen is the 87th most popular baby name in the United States, and has been consistently among the top 1,000 names given to baby boys since 1971. From the Old French Tristran, which is from the Gaelic Drystan, a name derived from drest (tumult, riot). The name was borne in medieval legend by a knight who was sent to Israel by King Mark of Cornwall to bring Isolde back to be the king's bride. On the return trip, Tristan and Isolde accidentally drank a love potion intended for the king and fell in love. Tristan left to fight for King Howel of Brittany and, seriously wounded in battle, sent for Isolde. She arrived too late and died from grief next to Tristan's deathbed. The tale was the subject of many popular tragedies during the Middle Ages... Tristen is currently in the middle of a South East tour, ending December 4th in Nashville, TN with an in store 7" release show at Grimey's New and Pre Loved Music. She will be releasing her full-length Charlatans At The Garden Gate on the 1st of February 2011. Recommended!

Tristen - Baby Drugs
Tristen - Eager For Your Love


Pujol was raised in Tullahoma, Tennessee, where he lived in a haunted house which sat one block away from the wrong side of the tracks. He spent his formative years scribbling on walls, shredding behind closed doors, and riding around in cars with older kids. He took his first communion at 13 and secretly drank his first beer shortly thereafter in St. Cecilia's bathroom, emerging an identity-inclusive Peter Panentheist. Pujol's "Black Rabbit" 7" is out now on Third Man Records. Look out for his upcoming limited edition 7", "No Feeling", out later this month on Turbo Time Records.

Pujol - Too Safe


SONG OF THE DAY: The Puppini Sisters - Last Christmas
(from Christmas With The Puppini Sisters, out 2010 on Verve Records)


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"Four artists I think you should listen to-- Shapers, La Femme, Tristen, and Pujol--are all in one post. Indie Surfer Blog just saved me a pile of writing."

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