Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Vandaveer, Sandwitches, Easter Island

Mark Charles Heidinger is the alt-folk tunesmith behind the song-singing, record-making, globetrotting project that is Vandaveer. Born in Ohio, raised in Kentucky and now living in Washington, DC, Heidinger is joined by the extraordinary Rose Guerin in Vandaveer. They met during the heyday of DC’s folk collective known as The Federal Reserve. Informal collaborations during that time led to Guerin becoming a fixture in Vandaveer. Their two voices together create harmonies that convey truth and emotion with the greatest of ease. Their third full-length album, Dig Down Deep, will be released on April 26th via Supply & Demand Music.

Vandaveer - Concerning Past & Future Conquests


San Francisco's Sandwitches have been plugging away at their craft for a couple magical years now, sprinkling their barbed, alluring electric folk briars across unsuspecting gardens in the Bay Area and beyond. Previous releases, such as the swampy ecstasy of How To Make Ambient Sadcake and last year's oceanic ouija board of an EP, Duck Duck Goose!, captured distinct sides of the trio. Their latest platter, Mrs. Jones' Cookies (out March 29th via Empty Cellar Records), is here now to unify their uniquely whimsical and creepy vision.

Sandwitches - Joe Says
Sandwitches - Lightfoot


Easter Island‘s progressive sound is re-forging the middle-class angst pop that defined the mid 90s and early 00s. This impressive group of classically trained guys hail from Athens, GA and have been playing together in a carousel of revolving bands since 2005, when vocalist Ethan Payne met lead guitarist Nathan Thompson. Payne (formerly of The Cubs, Union & Corduroy Road) has worked in the film industry for the past three years as a freelance shooter/editor/boom operator. As Easter Island forges a following in the South, their EP Better Things will be released March 1st. Better Things was produced by Five-Eight drummer Patrick Ferguson, at the newly renovated and reopened 1093 Boulevard Studio in Athens. They have already begun work on their next release, full of even more delicious sounds, galvanizing lyrics, and their emotive vocals. The band will celebrate the release of the EP with a special show at The Caledonia Lounge (Athens, GA) on March 26th with friends Five Eight and Little Horn.

Easter Island - Better Things
Easter Island - Proud
Easter Island@MySpace


SONG OF THE DAY: Mogwai - San Pedro
(from Hardcore Will Never Die But You Will, out February 15th on Sub Pop)


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Wye Oak!, DeVotchka!, Akron/Family!, Balam Acab!, oOoOO!,
Baths!, Cloud Nothings!, Cotton Jones!, Gill Scott-Heron!,
Hercules And Love Affair!, Smith Westerns!, Twin Shadow!,
Wild Nothing!, Deadelus!, Yuck!, etc.

PJ Harvey!, Radiohead!




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Anyone have any Foster The People? Pumped up kicks?

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Wye Oak is fantastic. Thanks Iggy.

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