Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Maritime, Armand Margjeka, Wolf Ram Heart

Maritime originally formed with members of the Promise Ring and Dismemberment Plan in 2003. They went on to sign to Anti- but released their J. Robbin's produced debut, Glass Floor, on Desoto Records. The latest lineup includes Promise Ring alumni Davey von Bohlen (guitar, voice) and Dan Didier (drums) as well as Justin Klug (bass) and Dan Hinz (guitar). Their newest album, Human Hearts, is being released by Dangerbird Records.

Maritime - Paraphernalia/People Of London


People often talk of music opening new worlds for them, but perhaps this means more to someone like Armand Margjeka. Margjeka grew up in Tropoja, an Albanian town at the foot of the Alps. "Tropoja was one of the most isolated villages in an isol country," Margjeka says. The communist regime he grew up with was oppressive, but somehow a mix tape of American rock n' roll found its way into Margjeka's hands. "Maybe my sister brought it back from university, I don't remember, but hearing Elvis, Fats Domino, Jerry Lee Lewis and Little Richard changed my life." It's been a long journey from Tropoja to Birmingham, Ala. for Margjeka, but he's clearly at home making music that brings to mind Sondre Lerche and the beautiful arrangements of Iron and Wine. Margjeka's first solo album, Margo, Margo, is due out August 9.

Armand Margjeka - Alive
Armand Margjeka@MySpace


A psychedelic-dark-pop group from Ohio, Wolf Ram Heart is bent on marrying art with popular music. Their new album, Betrayal of Hearts, is a hybrid of pop's faded echoing sensibilities, molded into a modern space, and created in a way that allows these sounds to transform. Influenced by the productions of Phil Spector and Brian Wilson as much as 4AD and Creation Records acts of the early 90’s, the band's music at times reflects these heavily layered moments and deceptively complex melodies held together with a string of mood and space, sewn into a beautiful and warm patchwork of something quite new.

Wolf Ram Heart - Humming Doves
Wolf Ram Heart - Viewgirls
Wolf Ram Heart@Facebook


They Might Be Giants - Can't Keep Johnny Down
(from Join Us, out April 26th via iTunes)


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The Kills!, Sound Of Rum!, Alex Turner!

Belle & Sebastian!, Toro Y Moi!, Baths!, Camera Obscura!,
The Golden Dogs, Kele, Love Of Diagrams, Crocodiles, etc.

The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart

Lykke Li


The Flaming Lips


Death to the Brutes - Pernament Exhaustion EP

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