Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Sister Vanilla

On April 3, 2007, renowned label Chemikal Underground (the Delgados, Arab Strap) will release Little Pop Rock, the debut LP from Sister Vanilla. Featuring ex-Jesus And Mary Chain luminaries Jim Reid, William Reid, and Ben Lurie with Jim and William’s sister Linda on vocals, it is an exhilaratingly fresh pop record which also serves as a timely reminder of just how essential that seminal group from East Kilbride actually was. Little Pop Rock marks the first recorded Reid Bros. material since their nasty breakup in 1998 and coincides with the Jesus and Mary Chain reunion appearances at Coachella and beyond.

There can be no doubt that the song-writing on Little Pop Rock incorporates many elements that will be familiar to Mary Chain fans, but to focus solely on the input of the estranged Reid brothers would be a disservice to the vocals of their sister Linda. If the reconvening of Jim and William on the same album (since The Jesus And Mary Chain’s final offering Munki in 1998) is some cause for celebration, it’s the sheer strength of Little Pop Rock, the allure of Linda’s vocals and how angry, reflective and urgent the songs sound that should have you throwing an all-out street party. With Little Pop Rock, we have an album to cherish that is every bit as good as its illustrious predecessors and if it provides us with the best opportunity of welcoming Jim and William Reid back to the table, we only have their sister Linda to thank… Highly Recommended!

Sister Vanilla - Jamcolas
Sister Vanilla - Can't Stop The Rock
Sister Vanilla @ MySpace

Epoxies - Epoxies !!!
Mogwai - Government Comissions (BBC Sessions 1996-2003)
The Blood Brothers - Burn Piano Island, Burn
The Streets - Original Pirate Material
Ugly Duckling - Fresh Mode + Taste The Secret
The Streets - Hardest Way To Make An Easy Living
Sean Lennon - Friendly Fire
Sufjan Stevens - Illinois
Traxamillion - The Slapp Addict
Andre Nickatina - Albums
Smoov-E - Long Duck Dong
VA - Slump In The Box 3

Monday, February 26, 2007


Riding on a tractor of six strings, banjo samples and an extended metaphor comes Illinois, a band from Bucks County, Pennsylvania whose music conveys the Hopper/Rockwell-esque imagery of their home, a timeless place of raw emotion, where little league children still ride their bicycles in the street and the first girl you kissed is now your wife. The true history of Illinois is a mystery. What historians have pieced together is that originally, Chris “Arch” Archibald began recording ideas so he wouldn't forget them and that those ideas became songs.

Illinoislore has it that Arch had been playing in bands with bass player Martin Hoeger for some time, but the two had never put together the ideal group to play Arch’s one hundred-plus song catalog. Thus, Arch and Martin developed a plan (one which would turn out to be quite successful) to pry long time friend (and drummer) JP Kuyper away from his top secret job with the Bolivian government using only a tuna fish sandwich and a soft pretzel. It turned out that all Arch and Martin needed was the tuna fish sandwich. Fortuitously, one week later, Arch dropped cheez whiz onto that very same unused soft pretzel. The meeting of the cheez whiz and the soft pretzel caused a delicious aroma to waft forth from the newly created subatomic structure. Enigmatic guitarist Dru Lee did what any of us with a heightened olfactory system would do–he followed his nose. Although over a thousand miles away, Arch, Martin, JP and Dru found themselves in Illinois.

Music snobs who care, have put the group in hallowed company. "The lyrical depth of the Kinks sauteed with the musical overtones of the Flaming Lips and John Spencer Blues Explosion reduction!" gushed one. "Sorry, its more Beta Band meets GBV meets Ralph Stanley" countered another. Regardless of your leanings, and whether you’re happy, mellow, drunk or confused, Illinois plays beautiful music that makes old loves new and the green grass grow.

Illinois is about to release their first EP titled 'What The Hell Do I Know?'. The official release date is scheduled for March, 6th. Recommended!

Illinois - Screendoor
Illinois - Alone Again
Illinois @ MySpace

Sean Lennon - Friendly Fire
Sufjan Stevens - Illinois
+ Yo La Tengo, Mates Of State, Belle & Sebastian, etc.
Damien Rice - 9
DJ Shadow - Dark Days
Clipse - Hell Hath No Fury
Fat Joe - Me, Myself And I
Mos Def - Tru3 Magic
Nas - Hip Hop Is Dead
Young Jeezy - The Inspiration
+ Flipnautikz, Pinoyboy, Lil Weeziana, etc.
Regina Spektor, Alexi Murdoch
Regina Spektor - Begin To Hope
Regina Spektor - Live Concerts

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Morning Benders - New EP

One year ago in the northern region of California among the rolling hills of Berkeley, our lord God in heaven made love to the sweet sounds of rock n roll and gave birth to The Morning Benders. Started in a moment of magical bliss, just listening to the music of these four men combined will cure any disease known to man. They blend guitars with love to create songs that sound very much like a gentle morning walk on a warm summers day, when the wind rides on your shoulders and tosses your hair about with its soft caresses. Their songs remind listeners what it feels like to be alive again, creating an emotional spiral of euphoric ejaculations that dig deep into the heart of Rock And Roll. Indeed, their music is the music of gods, and their heavy show load this past year has proven them to be quite the presence in the bay area. They are a glowing flower of rock in this little musical garden we like to call Earth.

With their first EP release, Loose Change, the Morning Benders gained many positive critics from the Indie Surfer readers. As a result the EP was positioned at the 4th place on the Indie Surfer's 'the best EPs of 2006' list. Currently, the Morning Benders are about to release their second EP, 'Boarded Doors'. The official release date is scheduled for March 13th, 2007. The two songs from the new EP, that are available here for preview, promise another excellent song-collage from the Morning Benders. Recommended!

The Morning Benders - Damnit Anna
The Morning Benders - Last Today
The Morning Benders @ MySpace

Cold War Kids - Robbers And Cowards (2006) !!!
The Arcade Fire - Neon Bible (2007) !!!
The Eames Era - Heroes And Sheroes (2007) !!!
Viva Voce - Get Yr Blood SUcked Out (2006) !!!
Trans Am - Sex Change (2007)
Honeycut - The Day I Turned To Glass (2006)
+ John Vanderslice, Triosk, Ben Kweller, etc.
Röyksopp - Melody A.M.
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Stadium Arcadium
Emo/Punk/HC Albums: Saosin, Underoath, Still Remains, From First To Last, Emery,
Between The Buried And Me, Alexisonfire, Avenged Sevenfold, etc.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Fiction Like Candy

The name is as sweet as the music. Fiction Like Candy is a San Francisco-based trio that weaves indelible rock melodies with frank, flirtatious female vocals, stirring every emotion in a batch of sugary goodness.

On record and on stage, singer, guitarist
and songwriter Genna Giacobassi, bassist Randy Marshall and drummer Keith Sevigny bare their all playing music that invokes the immediate feelings of love, desire and bitter betrayal. Don't let the content of their songs fool the casual listener -- Easily recognizable are nuances of Joni Mitchell, Elvis Costello, The Beatles, Wilco, and Cat Power. However, explore deeper into its sonic landscape and you'll also hear the love of Motown, The Ramones and Cheap Trick bubbling underneath with its simplified anthems that draw from a time when rock compositions were short, tight and blunt, with dangerous excitement. Giacobassi's flexible vocals and circuitous lyrics may at times seem emotionally vulnerable, but the strength, a nod to her Midwestern roots, powers through the mix with true intensity. Paired with Marshall's muscular bass lines and backing vocals and Sevigny's energetic and articulate drumming, Fiction Like Candy disproves genre pigeonholing and creates songs that simply rock. While still retaining the atmospheric depth of their delicate, lo-fi EP "La La Lo," (2005) their second EP, "Brand New Fancy Truth," (Release date: February 6, 2007) is more abrasive, challenging and darker. Overall, the music may defy genres, but that is what makes Fiction Like Candy special -- it refuses to settle for a predictable sound, preferring instead to go for the heart and the throat. Check it out!

Fiction Like Candy - Big Red Boots
Fiction Like Candy - Joke
Fiction Like Candy @ MySpace

Explosions In The Sky - All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone (2007) !!!
Do Make Say Think - You, You're A History In Rust (2007) !!!
The Arcade Fire - Neon Bible (2007) !!!
Joanna Newsom - The Milk-Eyed Mender + Ys !!!
+ Tv On The Radio, The Decemberists, Velvet Teen, Beck, Radiohead, etc.
Explosions In The Sky - The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place !!!
The Magic Numbers - Those The Brokes (2006) !!!
+ Shakira, Tete, RHCP, etc.
Ben Kweller - Ben Kweller (2006)
Faithless - To All New Arrivals (2006)
Bob Dylan - Modern Times (2006)
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Stadium Arcadium
Metallica - St. Anger
Lifehouse - No Name Face
Sting - Ten Summoner's Tales

Friday, February 16, 2007


The Keith story begins in 2002 with four lads from four different parts of England (Essex, Ealing, Shrewsbury and Leeds) studying for a music production degree at The University of Manchester. Posted to a remote satellite of said institution, they found themselves in the not-so-hip northern town of Warrington, certainly more famous for it's rugby than it's tunes! It's here lead singer Oli Bayston met guitarist/vocalist Mark Nicholls, bassist John Waddington & the aforementioned drummer Johnny Winbolt-Lewis. The foursome gravitated towards each other's musical obsessions and began whiling away long nights with mind-bending narcotics and never-ending jam sessions. They were soon onto something…

The band decamped to Manchester upon completing their course in 2004, where they built up a loyal local following. They then embarked on a series of tours and gigs, supporting acts as diverse as Sébastien Tellier and The Ataris. The band have now released an album, "The Red Thread", and continue to tour. Recommended!

Keith - Replica
Keith - Freefalling
Keith - Monalisa's Child
Keith @ MySpace

Keith - Back There

The Arcade Fire - Neon Bible (2007) !!!
Swan Lake - Beast Moans (2006) !!!
King Khan & BBQ Show - What's For Dinner (2006) !!!
The Knife - Deep Cuts (2006) !!!
The Arcade Fire - Neon Bible (2007) !!!
The John Butler Trio - Grand National (2007)
Sonic Youth - Rather Ripped (2006)
Cat Power - The Greatest (2006)
VA - Snakes On A Plane (OST)
Indie Live Concerts

Thursday, February 15, 2007


1990s are an indie rock three-piece from Glasgow. They were signed to Rough Trade Record Company, (home of many notable acts such as Babyshambles and The Strokes), when they were spotted at only their sixth gig, (a first for Rough Trade). Lead singer Jackie (nee John) McKeown and bassist, Jamie McMorrow, were the founding members of Scottish Indie band The Yummy Fur. The line-up over the years that The Yummy Fur existed changed on numerous occasions. At one point, both Franz Ferdinand singer Alex Kapranos and drummer Paul Thomson were members of the group. 1990s drummer, Michael McGaughrin was also in Glasgow band, V-Twin before 1990s were formed.

In recent months 1990s have supported Babyshambles at the Glasgow Barrowlands, and Franz Ferdinand at the SECC and Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre, as well as releasing their debut single, "You Made Me Like It"/"Arcade Precinct" on limited edition vinyl. They have played at the Indian Summer festival at Victoria Park in Glasgow on September 2, 2006, alongside bands such as Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Fall and Antony and the Johnsons and also Bestival on the Isle of Wight. 1990s went on tour in October 2006 with The Long Blondes, and with CSS in November. According to the band, they play music "like a blonde gets out of a car". Recommended!

1990s - You're Supposed To Be My Friend
1990s - You Made Me Like It
1990s - Arcade Precint
1990s - See You At The Lights
1990s @ MySpace

1990s - You Made Me Like It

VietNam - VietNam (2007) !!!
Tortoise - A Lazarus Taxon (3CD) !!!
Kings Of Convenience - Quiet Is The New Loud
Bela Fleck - Drive
Smog - A River Ain't Too Much To Love + Knock Knock
Simian - Chemistry Is What We Are !!!
Weird Al Yankovic - Albums
Deathstar - Synthetic Generation
The Cinematic Orchestra - Everyday + Man With A Movie Camera + Motion !!!
Joy Division - Heart And Soul (4CD) + Substance
Kings Of Leon - Aha Shake Heartbreak
Fort Minor - Rising Tied
Beck - The Information

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

David Vandervelde

Youthful Chicago-based multi-instrumentalist, producer, and songwriter David Vandervelde crafts '60s-influenced pop songs that bear the mark of legendary artists such as Marc Bolan, the Rolling Stones, Mickey Finn, and the Beatles. The West Michigan native has worked on numerous projects with fellow musician/engineer Jay Bennett (Wilco), and released a solo album called Moonstation House Band on the Secretly Canadian label in January 2007.

But what of the mysterious Moonstation House Band? The title, perhaps, needs some clearing up. Think of the Moonstation House Band as a Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band-style entity and you’re on the right track.“The Moonstation House Band is a fictitious thing, which childhood friend Derek James, who played drums on a few of the songs on the record, and I came up with it at the beginning of recording,” says David. “The record is pretty much a solo project (at least 90% of what you hear is by me), but it’s my effort to try to capture the mythology of what this band might have been like if it existed. To deliver the record live, I’ve been fortunate enough to have a circle of friends who have joined me, and we have a great time playing the rock.”

That live band, currently plugging their way around the American Midwest, will hopefully make their way over to British shores sometime in 2007. Expect to hear an astounding cover of lost Rolling Stones’ classic, Cocksucker Blues as part of the set. Recommended!

David Vandervelde - Nothin' No
David Vandervelde - Jacket
David Vandervelde - Daytrotter Sessions
David Vandervelde - Jacket (video)
David Vandervelde - Moonstation House Band (album stream)
David Vandervelde @ MySpace

Komeda - Albums !!!
Papas Fritas - Albums !!!
Tahiti 80 - Albums !!!
Ivy - Guestroom !!!
Bettie Serveert - Attagirl + Bare Stripped Naked !!!
The Children's Hour - SOS JFK !!!
The Legendary Jim Ruiz Group - Oh Brother Where Are Thou? + Sniff !!!
The Living Blue - Fire, Blood, Water !!!
The Orange Peels - Square !!!
The Poems - Young America !!!
+ All India Radio, Beangrowers, Doktor Kosmos, Floraline, Husky Rescue, Kahimi Karie, Light FM, Fugu,
Mastretta, Mike Scott, Sarah Shannon, Suburban Kids With Biblical Names, Sebastien Schuller, Klee,
Tamar Berk, The Aluminum Group, The Cardigans, The Waterboys, etc.
LCD Soundsystem - Sound Of Silver (2007) !!!
RJD2 - Since We Last Spoke
The New Pornographers - Twin Cinema
DeVotchKa - Curse Your Little Heart
VA - Little Miss Sunshine OST

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


David Andrew Strackany is Paleo, a lo-fi indie folk musician on a mission. He has been performing on the road since Easter 2006 and wont stop till Easter this year. But what makes this year long tour so special is the challenge Paleo has set himself; to record a new song every single day of the tour. The project is known as the Song Diary and will result in 365 songs being written, arranged, recorded, and then posted on the internet in 365 days. So far around 300 songs have been created and they are all available on the Paleo website for everyone and anyone to download.

Paleo has also set himself some strict rules for the project:
* The songs must be original, and written over the course of the day they’re credited to.
* A day’s song must be recorded, mixed, and uploaded to the Internet by sunrise.
* Every Sunday, he must rewrite the lyrics to the Sunday Prayer, the Diary’s first song.
* The day Paleo fails to complete a song, the experiment is over.

Listening to some of the randomly chosen songs from the Paleo's diary, you'll be surprised of their overall quality. For all the fans of Neutral Milk Hotel, Devendra Banhart, Elliott Smith and lo-fi music in general. Recommended!

Paleo - Daytrotter Sessions
Paleo @ MySpace

Apostle Of Hustle - National Anthem Of Nowhere (2007) !!!
Beck - The Information (2006)
MC Chris - Dungeon Master Of Ceremonies (2006)
Weird Al Yankovic - Straight Outta Lynwood
Superbus, Scissor Sisters, Olivia Ruiz, Joeystarr, etc.
Tool - 10000 Days
Jose Gonzalez - Veneer

Monday, February 12, 2007

The Trucks

The Trucks are four females hailing from the small-town of Bellingham, WA, who will make you want to dance - while they sing about what modern girls are really thinking about.

In the world of The Trucks, electro pop meets northwest indie rock and it’s all dressed-up in fishnets, wigs, and classy spandex. Fortunately, it isn’t all about stage flash and good looks. Behind each song’s fun, sexy, and boisterous exterior are smart, sassy lyrics that hold up to repeated listening. The music is never weighed down by the messages - the overriding urge is to get up, dance, and sing along. When you do sing along, don’t do it in front of grandma. Not unlike electo-punk star Peaches – the lyrics are often sexually frank, uncompromisingly descriptive, and leave you with no doubt about who is in control of the situation (such as in the songs “3am”, “Titties”, “Diddle-bot”, and “Why the?). These songs are contrasted with modern versions of pop genius in the vein of Cyndi Lauper or The Bangles in the ballads “Messages” and “Come Back”.

The Trucks were formed in the spring of 2003 as a response to the need for more female bands to play a college music festival. Despite starting out with just a toy xylophone, a bass, and an old Casio keyboard - Kristin, Marissa, and Faith soon proved that they were the band to fill this gender gap in the local rock scene. With the addition of a live drummer – their electro punk sound became more powerful and the Trucks began to attract a serious following – not only in Bellingham but all over the northwest. In 2006, they have become one of the favorite bands in Seattle’s rock scene where they are repeatedly requested to open for bands such as Pretty Girls Make Graves, Deadboy and the Elephantmen, and Harvey Danger. In 2006 they released self-titled debut for ClickPop Records.

The Trucks are: Kristin Allen-Zito (vox & Keys), Marissa Moore (vox & xylophone), Faith Reichel (bass & vox) and Lindy McIntyre (drums).

Straight on the heels of their "Band of The Day" feature and selection by as as a favorite local band of 2006, The Trucks have mixed down their Peaches meets post-punk/retro-synth pop/ garage band song Titties to eight source tracks, slapped them up on-line and made them available for the world to remix and mashup. Hosted deeplinks for all 8 remix tracks are available on the Toolshed mediapage. In other words, play with The Trucks Titties and win a iPod Nano. Read more at The Trucks homepage.

The Trucks - Titties
The Trucks - Zombie
Simon Iddol - I Was Made To Love Your Titties (The Trucks vs KISS mashup)
The Trucks @ MySpace

Jarvis Cocker - Jarvis (2006) !!!
The White Birch - Come Up For Air (2005) !!!
Boa - Race Of Thousand Camels
FLCL (Furi Kuri) Original Soundtrack 1: Addict (Music of The Pillows)
L'Arc-En-Ciel - Ark + Ray
Les Choristes - OST
Lush - Albums
Deftones - Saturday Night Wrist
Albums: Tool, Sphongle, Underworld, etc.
Albums: Riverside, Katatonia, Porcupine Tree, Tool
Fall Out Boy - Take This To Your Grave
+ HIM, Tool, etc.
Ratatat - Ratatat

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Cloud Cult

The environmentally conscious Cloud Cult began in the early '90s in Minneapolis, MN, as a solo project for Craig Minowa, who at the time was pursuing a degree in environmental science while shining shoes and driving an ice cream truck, among other jobs. In 1995, Minowa spent the year recording The Shade Project, which included sounds produced by buckets, pans, and couch cushions. In early 2000, he followed up with Who Killed Puck? After the birth of his son, Minowa kept Cloud Cult as a studio project, with the next two years focusing on family, recording, writing grants, and working as an environmental activist. He also formed Earthology Records on his organic farm, powered by geothermal energy and built partially from reclaimed wood and recycled plastic.

With the sudden death of his son in February 2002, Minowa became reclusive while writing a large volume of songs. They Live on the Sun eventually was finished in 2003 and featured cellist Sarah Young and drummer Dan Greenwood, who became permanent members of Cloud Cult. In January 2004, Cloud Cult added Mara Stemm on bass and released Aurora Borealis just six months later. For the supporting tour, shows began to include live painters (including Minowa's wife), performance artists, back-screen video, and nonprofit environmental tabling organizations. Yet another Cloud Cult album came in the summer of 2004, titled Lost Songs from the Lost Years, a ten-year anthology of previously unreleased work from Minowa. Advice from the Happy Hippopotamus was released June 2005 with the full live band now consisting of Minowa (vocals, guitar, keyboard), Greenwood (drums), Young (cello, keyboard), and Matthew Freed (bass, keyboard, percussion).

Cloud Cult is preparing to launch "The Meaning of 8" on April 10, 2007 supported by a two month U.S. tour.Cloud Cult’s last album, "Advice from the Happy Hippopotamus", debuted on North America’s college radio charts at #3 (Most Adds) just under Cold Play and White Stripes.

Cloud Cult’s unique sound has been called “insane genius” by Pitchforkmedia and has been compared to Modest Mouse, Flaming Lips, Neutral Milk Hotel and Beck. Cloud Cult’s live shows include elaborate theatrics that include live painters on stage, live video projection of audience and band, and back screen video. The live band includes cello, violin, trumpet, flute and percussion, along with the more standard guitar, bass, keys and drums line-up.

On top of all of this, Cloud Cult has rejected major label record offers in favor of staying independent, so the band can do everything as environmentally friendly as possible. This includes making every concert “green” by purchasing green energy credits to pump wind power into the grid to compensate for energy used on stage and in travel. The band’s self-founded record label, Earthology Records, has been covered in major media everywhere from National Public Radio to the New York Times as “the world’s most environmentally friendly not-for-profit record label.” Highly Recommended!

Cloud Cult - Fairy Tales (from They Live On The Sun)
Cloud Cult - Breakfast With My Shadow (from Aurora Borealis)
Cloud Cult - Outside of Your Skin (from Advice from The Happy Hippopotamus)
Cloud Cult - Car Crash (from Advice from The Happy Hippopotamus)
Cloud Cult - Chemicals Collide (from The Meaning Of 8)
Cloud Cult @ MySpace

Cloud Cult - Chemicals Collide

Mika - Life In Cartoon Motion (2007) !!!
Air - Premier Symptomes
Bloc Party - A Weekend In The City (2007) !!!
The Dresden Dolls - The Dresden Dolls
Venetian Snares - Hospitality (2006)
Afroman - A Colt 45 Christmas (2006)
Epic & Nomad - Epic & Nomad
H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society - A Very Scary Solstice
Despised Icon - Consumed By Your Poison
The Rakes - Capture/Release

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Anaïs Mitchell

“And the big horns blowed and the pianos played/And the music rose to the old man’s ears/I guess those were the olden days/I guess those were the golden years,” sings Anaïs Mitchell on her new record The Brightness. This earnest nostalgia trip says a lot about the kind of art that this Vermont native has been creating since entering the underground folk scene in 2002. At a time when the music industry is playing the role of the slickest of defense attorneys, using flash and dazzle campaigns to distract us from the fact that their clients are terrible, Mitchell is an artist who grew up on a sheep farm. She makes small-sounding, big-thinking folk albums that play like a front-porch serenade. If she feels in a bit of a time warp, you can’t blame her.

With a clutch of quiet, ambitious songs in her arsenal, Mitchell recorded her now out-of-print debut, The Song They Sang When Rome Fell (2002), in a single afternoon in Austin, Texas. It was in Texas that Anais discovered the Kerrville Folk Festival, which honored her with the prestigious New Folk award in 2003. Soon thereafter, with the help of Michael Chorney and Chicago-based Waterbug Records, Anaïs released her second album, Hymns For The Exiled, in 2004. The stirring collection of guitar and voice cemented Mitchell’s status as a folksinger to watch, and the record eventually reached the ears of Ani DiFranco, a songwriter whose fusion of personal and political themes was a formative influence on a teenaged Mitchell. After seeing a few of Anaïs’ captivating concerts, DiFranco signed the artist to her label, Righteous Babe Records.

“If you knew what Ani DiFranco meant to me as a young woman and a young songwriter … well, I was simultaneously elated and in total disbelief,” Mitchell told a Vermont reporter after joining the RBRrrmy. “It seemed too good to be true.”

The same can be said about Mitchell’s Righteous Babe debut, which hits stores February 13, 2007. During the recording process, Anaïs lived above the studio, which was built into an old Vermont gristmill. She could wake up, shake the sleep out of her eyes and record tracks in her pajamas, resulting in a decidedly intimate listening experience. Spilling over with worldly metaphors, intense emotions and unshakeable reverence to the art of song, The Brightness shimmers with creative spark.

Anais Mitchell may sound to you as Joanna Newsom's twin sister. The voice, the singing, the sound and even the lyrics are very similar. If Joanna Newsom colored 2006, then the modern-folk female artist of 2007 could be Anais. Highly Recommended!

Anais Mitchell - Cosmic American (from Hymns For The Exiled)
Anais Mitchell - Two Kids (from Hymns For The Exiled)
Anais Mitchell - Your Founder Heart (from The Brightness)
Anais Mitchell @ MySpace

Feist - Open Season Remixes And Collabs (2006) !!!
Neverending White Lights - Act1: Goodbye Friends Of The Heavenly Bodies !!!
+ Blue October, Prince, James Blunt, Sky, Snow Patrol, etc.
Feist - Let It Die
Phoenix - United !!!
VA - Exit Music Songs With Radio Heads
CSS - Cansei De Ser Sexy
Girl Talk - Night Ripper
Brightblack Morning Light - Brightblack Morning Light
Chris Berry & Panjea - Dancemakers
Crosstide - Life As A Spectator
Joshua Radin - First Between 3rd & 4th
The Dresden Dolls - The Dresden Dolls
Laibach - Tanz Mit Laibach
The Killers - Sam's Town
The Cranberries - Albums
Youngblood Brass Band - Center:Level:Roar
Atomic Fireballs - Torch This Place

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Pull Tiger Tail + Larrikin Love

Pull Tiger Tail

Pull Tiger Tail are an indie band from London, England. All three members are ex-students of Goldsmiths College. Including ex-members of the rock band Antihero, the band previously shared a house in New Cross, South-East London with Klaxons.

Having formed while driving from New York to San Francisco on a bet, Pull Tiger Tail's name came to them in a dream. Their debut gig was at London's Tatty Bogle club in February 2006. The band released their debut single, "Animator", on Young and Lost Club Records on the 25th of September, 2006. Copies were limited to 1000, with 500 vinyls hand-customised by the band.

Pull Tiger Tail - Mr 100%
Pull Tiger Tail - Animator
Pull Tiger Tail @ MySpace

Larrikin Love
Larrikin Love are a four piece indie rock band from London. Consisting of Edward Larrikin (vocals), Micko Larkin (guitar), Alfie Ambrose (bass) and Coz Kerrigan (drums), and also occasionally including violinist Rob Skipper from The Holloways, the band were briefly described as being part of a 'Thamesbeat' scene by the NME, a scene which is now widely accepted as having never really existed. They experiment with many different styles of music including punk, reggae, calypso, and Bluegrass, and tend to add something of an Irish folk flavour to the typical indie sound. While often compared musically to bands such as The Clash, The Pogues and The Libertines, the band draw many of their lyrical influences from literature, including writers such as Rimbaud, Wilde and Orwell.

After releasing their first two singles on the independent labels Young and Lost Club and Transgressive Records respectively, the band signed to Warner as part of a 'consultancy deal' between Warner and Transgressive. The band released their debut album, The Freedom Spark on the 25 September 2006.

Larrikin Love - Six Queens
Larrikin Love - Downing Street Kindling
Larrikin Love - Happy As Annie
Larrikin Love - Edwould
Larrikin Love @ MySpace

Panda Bear - Person Pitch (2007) !!!
LCD Soundsystem - Sound Of Silver (2007) !!!
Radicalfashion- Odori (2007) !!!
Cornelius - Sensuous (2006) !!!
Kahimi Karie - Nunki (2006) !!!
Field Music - Tones Of Town (2007) !!!
Misty's Big Adventure - The Black Hole + And Their Place In The Solar Hi-Fi System !!!
65daysofstatic - One Time For All Time (2006)
Buck 65 - Secret House Against The World
Evergreen Terrace - Writer's Block
Kubichek! + DARTZ! - Demos
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Some Loud Thunder (2007) !!!
The Long Blondes - Someone To Drive You Home (2006) !!!
+ David Bowie, Moby, Julieta Venegas, Jeff Buckley, Ben Harper, Kate Bush, etc.
Joanna Newsom - Ys (2006) !!!
Tom Waits - Blood Money
Tom Waits - Real Gone
Alternative Albums

Monday, February 05, 2007

The Besnard Lakes

Emerging from Montreal's dark corners is THE BESNARD LAKES, a six-piece centered around the atmospheric songs of husband and wife team Jace Lasek and Olga Goreas, whose expansive sound culls from, but does not adhere to, numerous aspects of rock 'n' roll's rich history. The record is set for release in the United States and throughout the world on Jagjaguwar (and in Canada on Outside Music) on February 20, 2007. "The Besnard Lakes Are The Dark Horse" was recorded at singer Lasek's own Breakglass Studios, which is the studio of choice for bands like Wolf Parade, Islands and Sunset Rubdown. These bands have also toured and performed with The Besnard Lakes, while members of Stars, The Dears and Godspeed/Silver Mt. Zion make guest appearances on "…Are The Dark Horse."

"The Besnard Lakes Are The Dark Horse" bursts with sublime boy/girl harmonies that float above crashing drums and epic guitar solos; elsewhere, boozy organ lurches around ethereal vocals and reverb heavy guitars. And that's just the beginning for a band that weaves a seamless course between pop melodies and experimental structures, creating a sound that is equal parts spooky and pretty, and more than a little psychedelic. Comparisons to The Beach Boys and Pink Floyd are inevitable, while fans of both My Bloody Valentine and The Mamas And The Papas will find a lot to like, too. While their independent 2004 debut, "Volume 1", highlighted their instrumental prowess, "…Are The Dark Horse" finds the vocals higher in the mix, strengthening their sound.

In October, The Besnard Lakes performed a well-received improvised score to a film at Film Pop, the movie element to the Pop Montreal music festival. While it will be late winter/early spring before the band hits the road in support of "Are The Dark Horse", their reputation as a live band precedes them.

The Besnard Lakes - You Lied To Me
The Besnard Lakes - The Besnard Lakes Are The Dark Horse (album stream)
The Besnard Lakes @ MySpace

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Friday, February 02, 2007

Love Minus Zero

At the beginning of 2004, Peter J Perrett was asked by Pete Doherty to be the Babyshambles bass player, by April Peter, with his teenage brother Jamie on Guitar (both sons of the ex Only Ones singer Peter Perrett) were invited to a recording session in Bethnal Green where they began work on the original recording of the Killamangiro single, which also included Seb Roachford (Acoustic Ladyland, Polar Bear) on drums. Within a week Doherty had moved into the Perrett household and they started touring around the country as Babyshambles. By June, Doherty had ended up in Thailand via The Priory and they saw less of him in person and more of him in headlines.

For their 1st experience as professional musicians they were left some what disillusioned. At the beginning of 2005 with a renewed thirst for playing music again, Peter and Jamie began looking for musicians to form a band. Recruiting their friend Eliot Vernon whom they met the previous year on a sound engineering D.S.S course, they played gigs like the Barfly, ULU, Rhythm Factory, Nambucca ranging from a 4-6 piece under the working name The Cuts. Their then drummer James Kirkbright eventually had to leave due to medical reasons and the strains of commuting between Leeds and London. Whilst discussing the need for a replacement in their local Hostelry they were overheard by an eccentric polish barman who introduced himself as their future drummer! After an impromptu audition of table tapping and beer bottle bashing they were left convinced that the line-up was complete as the eventual 4 piece. With Oskar Starski now in place and only in the band for a week, they were asked to appear at the Glastonbury Festival (in the medical tent!) where they were rewarded with free passes for the festival.

At this time they did their 1st home recordings which included Psychobaby, Watery Eyes and Ten Watt Town They continued playing gigs when they could, along the way supporting Babyshambles, The Paddingtons, Cazals, The Maccabees and Selfish Cunt. Never satisfied with their band name, in January 2006 Jamie was inspired to come up with the name Love Minus Zero not as a homage to Bob Dylan but more of a statement of intent. They set up a myspace site and continued to gig under the new Nom De Guerre. Spring saw a flurry of gigs and a growing fanbase. With a gig in Glastonbury in may being described by Jamie as "The best reaction I've ever witnessed at a gig even when I was in Babyshambles. An amazing show!" Their 1st home recorded single "Psychobaby" is scheduled for release in september on their own label and distributed through Cadiz/Pinnacle. Recommended!

Love Minus Zero - Psychobaby [EP]
Love Minus Zero @ MySpace

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Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Attachments

Ben, Mark, Rob, and Michael formed The Attachments in 2005 in a desperate attempt to mend their broken hearts. Earlier that year while vacationing in the U.S. Ben had met and fallen in love with a tall brunette named Karla. Little did Ben know that Karla was dating his American look-alike, Mark. Ben went around to beat the hell out of Mark, but when he saw what a great guy Mark was he backed off and started seeing Jessica instead. In those days anyone could go with Jessica, which explains why Michael was doing just that. Michael was a psychopath who had been stalking a girl on the F-Train in Brooklyn until she finally slapped him on the face and sent him off to California. Anyway, one day Jessica had double-booked her 2pm slot, and when Ben and Michael showed up at the same time the three of them decided to go for a walk along the Berkeley marina instead. There they saw Rob laughing hysterically at his soon-to-be ex-girlfriend (who must remain anonymous). She had made some wisecrack about his yellow sheets and he knew it was time to let her go. Still, Rob was always one to take a hint, so he sold the sheets on Craigslist, and who should buy them but Mark? The minute Karla saw the sheets she freaked out and broke off the relationship, but by this stage Mark didn't care. He had met Rob who had met Michael who had met Ben who didn't like Karla any more anyway. So they formed The Attachments instead, and this is their story.

The story of the Attachments is lyrically told on their self-titled EP release. The catchy pop sound prevails through the most of the songs. If you liked the Morning Benders and the Fits, then you should check out the Attachments as well.

The Attachments - Karla
The Attachments - F-Train Girl
The Attachments - Ha Ha Ha
The Attachments @ MySpace

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