Wednesday, May 31, 2006


A very special indie band, DeVotchKa, consists of Tom Hagerman (violin/accordion), Shawn King (drums), Nick Urata (vocals, guitar, trumpet) and Jeanie Schroder (sousaphone, bass). The music of DeVotchKa is breathtaking, overfilled with the beautiful sounds and emotions, simply amazing. The band uses many instruments typical for the Eastern Europe folk to create wonderful melodies that are mixture of different genres and influences.

Here is a related quote from the Filter magazine:
"Devotchka may be the best band in America youve never heard of. This fascinating little quartet from Denver Colorado has made a wistful, beautifully-arranged something that isnt really an indie rock record, and isnt really a jazz record, and isnt really a mariachi/norteno (or Eastern European) folk record. Its the album you put on when you want to wallow, when you want to brood, when you want to shut your windows and close your blinds and lose yourself in the wistful tragedy of love and loss and hope and nostalgia that bubbles to the surface in all of your darker, finer moments. And though it could easily be the soundtrack to One Hundred Years of Solitude (what, with all the horns and guitars and the crooning Nick Urata), its actually more spiritually related to the darker and finer moments of, say, Modest Mouse. (Night on the Sun the-world-is-ending-right-here-in-this-guitar-delay Modest Mouse, not the newly-minted disco Mouse). It makes you think. It makes you long. It makes you dream. And if you can listen to the aching troubador ballad Dearly Departed without feeling the suffocating sensation of tearing flesh from bone that accompanies any true loss, then you havent loved and you havent lost and you shouldnt kid yourself that your better for it." -Mikel Jolet 11/19/04

Supporting musicians rotated in and out of the eclectic group's lineup, contributing such sounds as strings and bazoukis. While some described Devotchka's sound as polka-rock or circus music, the band was actually a cross-pollination of numerous influences, including cabaret, spaghetti Westerns, and the immigrant dance music of Eastern Europe. Supermelodrama, their self-released 2000 debut, garnered numerous accolades, and the band toured in support of the record with such luminaries as Calexico, 16 Horsepower, Flogging Molly, and Archer Prewitt. Una Volta followed in May 2003. Issued by the Boulder, CO, indie Cicero, Devotchka promoted the album through a tour with noted burlesque/fetish entertainer Dita Von Teese. In 2004, the third album How It Ends is released. Recently, the band released the EP, Curse Your Little Heart, on Ace Fu Recordings.

DeVotchKa - How It Ends
DeVotchKa - You Love Me
DeVotchKa - We're Leaving
DeVotchKa @ MySpace

The Notwist - Different Cars And Trains [EP] + The Notwist + 12 + more !!!
Funeral For A Friend - Hours + Casually Dressed And Deep In Conversation
Puddle Of Mudd - Life On Display
Team Sleep - Team Sleep
+ Slipknot, Stone Sour, The Used

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Kill Hannah Live

Kill Hannah was essentially vocalist/guitarist Mat Devine's dorm room four-track baby until a move to Chicago in 1995. After recruiting a few supporting players, Devine and Kill Hannah debuted the sound -- a glitzy mix of gothic tendencies and fashionably crunchy modern rock. Steady local gigs followed, as did a series of self-released EPs and a couple of albums (1997's Here Are the Young Moderns, 1999's American Jet Set). Devine finally found a lineup that stuck as his band's dogged, sometimes thankless tour of duty on the Chicago music scene dragged into the new millennium. With guitarists Dan Wiese and Jonathan Radtke, bassist Greg Corner, and drummer Garrett Hammond along for the ride, Kill Hannah continued to build a buzz locally while showcasing for majors frequently. The hard work finally paid off in late 2002, when Devine and the band signed with Atlantic. For Never & Ever appeared in October 2003; in addition to new material, it featured a few retooled versions of older songs. Kill Hannah toured in support of the album through year's end.

Kill Hannah - Live In Chicago 9-18-2004
Kill Hannah @ MySpace

The Wrens - The Meadowlands !!!
A.C. Newman - The Slow Wonder !!!
Man Man - Six Demon Bag (2006) !!!
Andrew Bird's Bowl Of Fire - The Swimming Hour !!!
Doves - The Last Broadcast !!!
RHCP - Stadium Arcadium (2006)
+ OK Go, Band Of Horses, The Go! Team, The Rakes, Reel Big Fish, Les Than Jake,
Suicide Machines, Zebrahead, Catch 22, Sublime, Streetlight Manifesto, Green Day, etc.
65 Days Of Static, Venetian Snares, Belladonnakillz, etc.
Manga Soundtracks

Monday, May 29, 2006

The Morning Benders

The Morning Benders are a 4-piece indie rock outfit coming from the bay area. The band consists of Chris Chu (vocals, guitar), Van Pierszalowski (guitar), Tom Peyton (drums), and Leo Kremer (bass). Started by Chu and Pierszalowski, the band played many live shows and released the excellent EP "Loose Change". The Morning Benders create very enjoyable tunes, the melodies that get stuck to your ears with the first listening. The electric guitar lead songs incorporate a portion of a retro sound reponsible for the feeling of melancholy you get listening the Morning Benders. From the other side, the acoustic songs are positively emotional, having an acoustic guitar and Chris's voice in the first plan. The impression is that the Morning Benders posses the spirit and the skills to create a significant break through on the indie pop scene. I hope that moment will come soon.

The Morning Benders - Grain Of Salt (from EP)
The Morning Benders - Heavy Hearts (from EP)
The Morning Benders - Loose Change (unreleased)
The Morning Benders @ MySpace
The Morning Benders @ PureVolume

Hot Chip - Mexico [EP] !!!
Zero 7 - The Garden
VA - Selecao Do Brasil
Tool - 10000 Days
Thursday - A City By The Light Divided
Indie Hip-Hop
Star Academy 5 - Santiano
Indochine - Alice & June
Bob Marley - Soul Almighty (The Formative Years) Vol.1
+ Bossa Nova, Salsa, Reggae, etc.
Latin Music

Friday, May 26, 2006

The Daytrotter Sessions

This time I'll present you a very special inide zine, Daytrotter. As many others, Daytrotter offers interviews, reviews and news from the world of indie music. But what's special about Daytrotter are the live sessions organized on regulary basis. Most bands touring in the upper half of the US drive on I-80 on their way to or from Chicago. Daytrotter crew get them to stop off and do a live session of four songs at Futureappletree Studio 1. These are the Daytrotter Sessions, and they’re available exclusively through—one featured band and four new songs each week. Actual sessions feature Drakkar Sauna, two-some from Kansas, playing very interesting acoustic indie folk. Some Drakkar Sauna's songs you can preview here. The Daytrotter archives contain also the recordings from the previous sessions including Casiotone For The Painfully Alone, Impossible Shapes, Hockey Night, Jason Forrest, Erin McKeown, Catfish Haven and Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin (aka The Internet). Next week: A Daytrotter session featuring five exclusive live recordings from Massachusetts nerd Harry and the Potters. Enjoy Daytrotter!!!

Drakkar Sauna - Daytrotter Sessions

Asian Dub Foundation - Rafi's Revenge !!!
Voodoo Glow Skulls - The Band Geek Mafia !!!
Vanilla Ice - Hard To Swallow !!!
RJD2 - In Rare Form
Apollo 440, DJ Shadow, Stereo Mcs, Lovage, Blockhead, Ugly Duckling, Ska, etc.
Jim Noir - Tower Of Love
Bang On A Can - Lost Objects

Lauri Anderson, Faith And The Muse, Xotox, Alien Vampires, Apteka
Dire Straits - Communique
The Bloodhound Gang - Hefty Fine
Deerhoof - Milk Man
Nine Inch Nails - Singles
Depeche Mode - Remixes (Precious)
Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, All American Rejects

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Danielson (aka Danielson Famile)

For his senior thesis project at Rutgers University, Daniel Smith handed in what became Danielson Famile's album A Prayer for Every Hour; he got an A. The album was released on Tooth & Nail Records in 1995. It features Smith backed by his siblings, who range in age from 12 to their early twenties. Tell Another Joke at the Ol' Choppin' Block, produced by Kramer (Galaxie 500, Low, Palace Brothers), followed in 1997. In 1998 Smith launched Tri-Danielson to convey his three distinct musical directions: solo, with his family, and a more rock-based incarnation called Danielsonship. Tri-Danielson released Alpha in 1998 and followed in 1999 with Omega.

Danielson Famile is unmistakably a Christian band, but in the same way that Flannery O'Connor was a Christian writer. They reject the conventional set of Christian symbols and subject matter, while at the heart of every song, underneath the weirdness, is a perfectly orthodox Christian message; and Smith's falsetto vocals are downright shocking, an effective tool in cutting through the barriers to convey these messages. No contemporary Christian radio station in its right mind would ever play Danielson; they're just too out there. They sound like Captain Beefheart's Magic Band joined by the Partridge Family at some roadside revival along the Jersey Turnpike -- definitely an acquired taste.

In 2001, they signed to Secretly Canadian, ditching the overtly Christian Tooth & Nail label -- as well as longtime producer Kramer -- to release Fetch the Compass Kids. 2004 saw the release of Brother: Son, a Daniel Smith-produced project released under the moniker Br. Danielson. In 2006, Smith returned to the original Danielson moniker, employing every collaborator thus far in the Famile history. The resulting Ships arrived in 2006.

Ships is an amazing album. From the first to the last song it drives you through the wonderful world of Danielson's music. The contributions on the album include Deerhoof, Sufjan Stevens, Sereena-Maneesh, and more. Highly recommended!

Danielson - Did I Step On Your Trumpet
Danielson @ MySpace

Albums: Deerhoof, Wilco, Boredoms, The Fiery Furnaces, etc.
Antony And The Johnsons - I Am A Bird Now + Fell In Love With A Dead Boy (CDS) !!!
The Bravery, The Killers, Suga Shikao
Wolf Parade - Apologies To The Queen Mary
Fatboy SLim - Live @ Clubbin On Slam FM 2006-04-29
The Sweet - Sweet Fanny Adams

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Pipettes + The Grates

This time I present to you two excellent bands mainly led by the girls. The Pipettes are more pop oriented, they deliver catchy rhythms and poppy sounds comparable to The Go! Team. The Grates are more into the rock thing, alike Yeah Yeah Yeahs, playing energetic, enjoyable guitar rock and having exciting live performances. I recommend you to check them both.

The Pipettes

The Pipettes are formed by the promoter 'Monster' Bobby with the intention of reviving the traditional Phil Spector pop sound and giving it a modern twist. To this end he recruited three frontwomen to be the public face of the group. The male backing musicians (officially called "The Casettes") rarely appear in interviews or promo photos, adding mystique and emphasising the role of the singers. The group settled on a lineup in mid 2004 and after losing founding member Julia in early 2005 have progressed apace.

Three extremely limited edition vinyl releases were released over the summer of 2005, leading to the group being signed to Memphis Industries, home to The Go! Team amongst others. They recently released their first full single and undertook several headline dates of their own in addition to some high profile support slots with the likes of The Magic Numbers and British Sea Power. The three frontwomen always wear polka dot dresses and synchronised choreography is a major part of their live shows.

As of January 2006, the band are currently working on their debut album. HMV Online have a provisional release date of June 5th 2006. Their latest single 'Your Kisses Are Wasted On Me' was released on March 27 on Memphis Industries.

The Pipettes @ MySpace

The Grates
The Grates are a three-piece band from Brisbane, Australia, comprised of Patience Hodgson (vocals), John Patterson (guitar) and Alana Skyring (drums). They have been lauded for their catchy songs and enthusiastic and energetic live show (Patience spends much of the show bouncing around, even while singing). They are frequently described as fun: "We just wanna have fun and hope other people do too." Their sound has been compared to the Ramones, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Be Your Own Pet. In March 2006 they played at the South by Southwest trade music fair in Texas.

The band has a distinctive style. All three members have a background in art and they design their own album artwork, posters, t-shirts and even socks. They released an array of limited edition recordings before releasing what is referred to as their debut EP, The Ouch. The Touch, in Australia on 14 February 2005. The EP received a United Kingdom release two months later via the Captains Of Industry collective. An 8-track recording of one of the band's songs, "Trampoline", was submitted to national Australian radio station Triple J in 2004. The song was well-received, and appeared on the nominations list for Triple J's 2004 Hottest 100 alongside two other Grates songs, "Rock Boys" and "Sukkafish". In 2005 the buzz surrounding the band only grew, with festival performances at the Big Day Out, Meredith, Falls Festival and Homebake.

Their debut album, Gravity Won't Get You High, was released on April 8, 2006. It debuted at #9 in the ARIA charts and reached a peak of #9. It has also been slated for release in the UK and the United States (June 2006). The first single off the album, "19-20-20", was released in March as a 7" and iTunes music download. They have been growing in popularity since being invited to perform at the 2006 Big Day Out Australian leg. They also launched on a national tour in the first half of 2006.

The Grates - Accelerator (Patience Only)
The Grates @ MySpace

Butthole Surfers - The Wierd Revolution !!!
New Order - Live At Cirkus !!!
David Bowie - Live At The Sydney Entertainment Center (2CD) !!!
+ Autechre, Joy Division, Sublime, The Germs, etc.
Phish - Live
Lacuna Coil, Shaman, The Gathering, Edguy, H.I.M., Apocalyptica, etc.
Indie Electronic: Frost, Xploding Plastix, Hybrid, etc.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Boy Kill Boy

This band clearly pretends to become the next big thing to storm the indie scene. Excellent songs, catchy riffs and the sound often compared to Kaiser Chiefs, The Killers and Hard-Fi, are enough reason to believe it's possible. And not to mention the support of Radio 1, NME, XMF, and other buzz creators (who mentioned Indie Surfer? :-)).

Chris Peck (vocals/guitar), Shaz (drums), Pete Carr (keyboards), and Kevin Chase (bass/vocals) comprise the bright indie rock sounds of Boy Kill Boy. Founded in 2004, the English four-piece delivers an energetic, brash pop performance not unlike the Kaiser Chiefs and the Rakes. With that and the band's preferences for the Cure, Depeche Mode, Faith No More, and Britpop, Boy Kill Boy spent the next year and half honing their craft. They released the limited-edition single "Suzie" on Fierce Panda only to be quickly swept away by Mercury Records in the U.K. shortly thereafter. By 2006, Boy Kill Boy readied themselves for America. Hot on the heels of their proper British single, "Back Again," Boy Kill Boy performed at the annual South by Southwest convention in March. The release of their full-length debut, "Civilian", is scheduled for May, 25th. It's recommended. Buy it!

Boy Kill Boy @ MySpace

Spoonboy - I Love You This Is A Robbery !!!
Wilco - Live @ Rock Am Ring 2002-05-18
Wilco - Live @ Val Air Ballroom 03-22-06
M.I.A. - Arular
Madvillain - Madvillainy
Franz Ferdinand - Franz Ferdinand + You Could Have It
Death From Above 1979 - You're A Woman, I'm A Machine
+ Kanye West, Gravediggaz, Raekwon, Ice Cube, Outkast, Wu-Tang Clan, etc.
Jack Johnson - On And On + In Between Dreams + Brushfire Fairytales
Brian Eno - Apollo + Ambient 4: On Land
Isis - Panopticon

Friday, May 19, 2006


Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke is to release a solo album in July. The album, entitled The Eraser, is produced by long-time band producer Nigel Godrich, reports Yorke, who wrote all the tracks and played all the instruments, described the album as "beats and electronics". He said: "I have been itching to do something like this for ages. It was fun and quick to do. Inevitably it is more beats and electronics. But it's songs. "Yes, it's a record! No it's not a Radiohead record. As you know the band are now touring and writing new stuff and getting to a good space." The album will be released by XL, the White Stripes' UK label ...

Lollapalooza founder and former Jane's Addiction and Porno For Pyros frontman Perry Farrell hopes to release the debut album from his new band, Satellite Party, sometime late this summer. The self-titled effort, which includes former Extreme guitarist Nuno Bettencourt, will feature guest appearances from Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea and guitarist John Frusciante, along with Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie, New Order bassist Peter Hook and Farrell's wife, Etty. The group's first public appearance was at last year's Lollapalooza festival, and, according to Farrell, the band hopes to make a second appearance this year. Satellite Party's first single, "Dogstar," is slated for release this summer. In the meantime, Rhino is preparing a Jane's Addiction box set and plans are in the works to release two of Farrell's films -- 1989's Soul Kiss and 1993's Gift -- on DVD ...

Foo Fighters have made their much anticipated summer acoustic tour official. The trek will launch on July 11th in Seattle, with seven dates total confirmed thus far, with more expected to be announced soon. The band will be touring behind Disc Two of their platinum-selling 2005 release, In Your Honor. Joining the band will be Wallflowers keyboardist Rami Jaffee, violinist Petra Haden, percussionist Drew Hester and former Foo Fighters guitarist Pat Smear (ex-Germs). Tickets for the confirmed dates go on sale this Friday ...

The Arctic Monkeys have claimed another rock 'n' roll scalp - by hammering Noel Gallagher in a drinking contest. Noel was so smashed after a tequila session with the young Sheffield lads that girlfriend Sara MacDonald had to help him home. Noel explained: “I ended up in their aftershow and the bass player goes to the bar and comes back with this tray of tequilas. “I thought ‘I can’t be drinking that, it’s nearly two in the morning'. I couldn’t say no though because I didn’t want to let the side down. He was banging them down. I was about to urinate. “I was speaking to my missus through semaphore to get her off the dancefloor and rescue me. “She came over saying ‘we’ve got to go home’ and I was acting all surprised, saying ‘What, already?’ I can’t remember getting home.” ...

Pete Doherty has sunk to a new low by squirting a syringe-full of his own blood at a MTV News camera. MTV were interviewing the Babyshambles frontman and his bandmates after a gig in Berlin. Pete, firstly refused to join his bandmates, but midway through the interview he appeared in the room and sat down. Nobody spotted the syringe reports The Sun. He then took aim and unloaded his own blood on the camera lens from a few yards away. He shouted: "That was a wicked shot. That's going to make a cracking link that is." Doherty's own bandmate Drew McConnell was so angry with the singer that he stormed off. Drew apologised to MTV saying: "I think the interview is over my friend. I'm really sorry about that mate, that's ****ed up." The crew were left to sterilise thousands of pounds worth of equipment. Pete also left but returned to perform a song once MTV had managed to clean the lens ...

The Roots will release Game Theory, their latest album -- and first for Def Jam -- on August 29th. After playing two shows at New York's Radio City this Thursday and Friday, the hip-hop crew will hit the road for a three-week tour, with guests Talib Kweli and Common playing select dates ...

British pop outfit Keane will embark on a short North American tour, kicking off June 20th in San Francisco ...

The Panic Channel -- the new four-piece that finds former Jane's Addiction members Dave Navarro, Stephen Perkins and Chris Chaney teaming with singer-guitarist Steve Isaacs, a former MTV VJ who played the lead in the Broadway incarnation of The Who's Tommy -- hit the road for a three-week tour Tuesday in San Diego ...

Pixies - Pixies At The BBC !!!
McLusky - McLuskyism: A Sides
Universal Hall Pass - Mercury !!!
Ella Mae Morse - Cow Cow Boogie
Zoe Keating: One Cello x 16: Natoma
Kanye West - Late Registration
Black Eyed Peas - Monkey Business
Step Into Liquid - OST (Butthole Surfers, Vast, Jeremy Kay, etc.)
Maroon 5 - Acoustic 1-22-03
Damien Rice, Jack Johnson, James Blunt, Death Cab For Cutie
David Gray - White Ladder
Günther - Pleasureman
Tool - 10000 Days

Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Televangelist and The Architect

The Televangelist and The Architect may sound as a wierd name for a band, but it has nothing to do with the gospel, death metal or some wierd god-related project. Actually, it's a name for a very cool indie band coming from Boston and playing a very nice indie rock music, often compared to those of Bright Eyes, even though the two don't have much in common. The band started as a solo project from Grand Unified Theory's Jeremy Chen who released his debut Mass Exodus From California, in 2004, on Undetected Plagiarism indie label. Two years after, The Televangelist and The Architect are back with a new release, called Diaries Of The Intelligentsia. Adding James Partridge for playing drums, Dallas Flanagan for singing, and Margaret Ebert for playing cello, the sophomore release of The Televangelist and The Architect embed enough quality to kick out the band to much broader audience. The album was mixed by Ryan Hadlock (Blonde Redhead, Black Heart Procession, Stephen Malkmus, The Strokes) and mastered by Doug Van Sloun (Bright Eyes, Cursive, The Faint, Rilo Kiley). The songs on the album are melodic and very well crafted, one can hear the influence of Blonde Redhead, Cursive, Sonic Youth, and even the Arcade Fire. Before it's official release, the album is made available for free preview. Feel free to download it and give it a try.

The Televangelist and The Architect - Diaries Of The Intelligentsia (album, 2006)
The Televangelist and The Architect @ MySpace

Vashti Bunyan - Lookaftering !!!
The Decemberists - Her Majesty The Decemberists !!!
Architecture In Helsinki - In Case We Die !!!
Animal Collective - Prospect Hummer [EP] !!!
Beat Happening - Jamboree !!!
Little Wings - Light Green Leaves !!!
Albums: Yes, Atreyu, Spock's Beard
The Beatles - The Beatles (White Album)

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Juana Molina

Juana originally made a name for herself as an actress and comedienne in her native Argentina, eventually starring in her own successful sitcom (Juana Y Sus Hermanas or "Juana And Her Sisters"). At the height of her popularity, she walked away from it all to focus on her first passion, music (Juana's father was a respected classical/folk performer). Juana's formal musical introduction to the Northern Hemisphere came with the release of her second album, Segundo. Quietly but surely, that album worked its way into playlists of discerning listeners and earning press accolades along the way. 2004ʼs follow-up, Tres Cosas, was equally revered, as Jon Pareles of the New York Times named it a top 10 record of the year, won even more fans and Juana garnered touring opportunities from fans as diverse as Savath & Savalas, David Byrne, Belle and Sebastian, and Sam Prekop.

After a hard-earned break, Juana spent the end of 2005 working on her first new material in over two years. Utilizing guitar, keyboards, cymbals, gongs, bombo legüero and bass, Son was recorded and produced entirely at home by Juana. “When I started to write the songs for this record, a new element that may have been hidden for a long time appeared; the randomness of the combination of sounds in nature. Each bird has a particular singing; nevertheless this singing is always different. It is not a pattern; itʼs a drawing, a sound and a mode... only a few elements that each bird combines in a new way each time.”

Juana will be hitting the road in North America in June with José Gonzaléz and Psapp.

Juana Molina - Micael
Juana Molina - Malherido
Juana Molina - No Seas Antipatica

Frank Black - Honeycomb

Monday, May 15, 2006


With four members who were all former frontmen for other bands, the congruent nature of Sworn is surprisingly remarkable. Their music has been described as original and stirring with echoes of Soundgarden, Live, and Our Lady Peace.

Sworn's 2005 self-titled release generated numerous rave reviews and performance opportunities for the band. Written and produced by Tony Calabro, songs like "Nobody Told Me" and "Gravity" proved to be crowd pleasers. The song "Like Always" was a winner in the 2005 Indie Tunes songwriting contest and "Gravity" won an outstanding acheivement award in the 2005 Great American Songwriting contest.

In 2006, With their upcoming EP "Lifesize", the band delivers a vast array of dual guitar prowess and dual vocal talent with Tony Calabro(lead vox/guitarist) and Tony Horton (lead guitar/vox). Blended with the rhythm power of former Chancer members John Ashbridge(bass) and Mark Semen (drums), "Lifesize" will bring the life back into the New York music scene.

The members of Sworn have performed in stand out venues such as Mercury Lounge, CBGB's, Arlene's Grocery, The Knitting Factory, and Pianos. Currently, the band is busy preparing for the release of "Lifesize" and taking their live show to venues and colleges nationwide. Preview

Sworn - Divide (from Lifesize)
Sworn - Farewell (from Lifesize)
Sworn @ MySpace
Sworn @ PureVolume

Howie Day - Stop All The World Now + Live !!!
Sia - Colour The Small One !!!
Tori Amos - 4 Albums
+ Coldplay , Death Cab For Cutie, Depeche Mode, Anna Nalick
The Darkness - Permission To Land
Electronic Music

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Detective Kalita

Detective Kalita is one of Canada's most promising up-and-coming bands and has been garnering many positive reviews both across the country and internationally. Located in Toronto, the band delivers beautiful pop songs, comparable to those from Elephant 6 collective and Nick Drake.

Detective Kalita features members and former members of the Weakerthans, Polmo Polpo, the Ladies & Gentlemen and Glissandro 70. The main man behind the band is Andy Swan, a very talented songwriter & singer.

Detective Kalita's sophomore, The Michael Parks, took shape throughout 2004 and 2005. By the time New Years '06 hit, there were nearly 30 songs to comb through. The Michael Parks rose from the ashes- subtle, softer, and more slick than their 2003 outing, The Night We Ate the Cake. With G. Smith on bass and Sandro Perri joining on lap steel and guitar, long-time drummer Shayne 'Velvet Fog' Cox and Swan are a tight live unit, and the DK are on top of their game.

The Michael Parks is a brilliant musical achievement. Working again with Andy Magoffin at London's House of Miracles, the DK have hit their stride, creating a pop masterpiece that is bound to turn heads in Toronto's crowded indie music scene. From the opening chords of "Altona, MB," you know you're not listening to an ordinary album. Like a prairie night, it's quiet, and full of wide open spaces. There's no rush to reel you in with power pop magic, no urgent call to attention. Less cryptic lyrics, more straight-ahead, heartfelt admissions. Out with speed, in with soul. Simply put, the DK has grown up.

"The Michael Parks" was recorded by Andy Magoffin at the House of Miracles in London, ON (recording home of the Constantines, Great Lake Swimmers, Royal City, and Jim Guthrie, among others). "The Michael Parks" will be released on May 23rd, 2006 on Kelp Records. Preview some tracks from the new album:

Detective Kalita - Mary 16
Detective Kalita - The Heart Of The Matter
Detective Kalita - Best Man Blues
Detective Kalita @ MySpace

Kill The Young - Kill The Young !!!
+ DJ Vadim, Rahzel, etc.
Violent Femmes - Violent Femmes !!!
Astral Projection - 4 Albums
Slim Cessna's Auto Club - Always Say Please And Thank You
Dragonforce - Sonic Firestorm
Raconteurs - Broken Boy Soldiers
Destroyer - Destroyer's Rubies
The Muppets - Sesame Disco!
Dave Clark - Electro Boogie Vol.1 & Vol.2
Garden State - OST
Disturbed - Albums


Formed by two high-school friends, Tim Regan and Brad Postlethwaite, Snowglobe's music traverses the psychedelic folk pathways first cleared by the likes of Gram Parsons and the Byrds and later explored by the likes of Neutral Milk Hotel and their Elephant 6 brethren.

After growing up in Memphis, Regan and Postlethwaite migrated to Athens, GA, where the East Coast contingent of the Elephant 6 is based. The pair soon assembled a band, which included bassist Brandon Robertson, drummer Jeff Hulett, and percussionist Brian Winterrowd. Winterrowd coined the band's name but soon parted ways with the unit. Soon, the group moved back to Memphis, where they set to work recording their debut album, Our Land Brains.

Though the band self-produced the effort, the resulting disc was a rich mix of instruments, including pianos, strings, chimes, guitars, and organs. The band recruited musicians from the music department at the nearby University of Memphis. The disc was released on Bardot Records, an imprint of Makeshift Music, in May 2002. Makeshift also issued bandmembers' various solo projects, including two discs from Postlethwaite (released under the Youth Electronics moniker), and an acoustic record from Postlethwaite and Hulett (In Association With the Administration). 3 Years later, the band released the sophomore album, Doing The Distance.

Following Brad Postlethwaite's departure from touring life and Tim Regan's relocation to Knoxville TN, Snowglobe found itself in yet another transitional state. Each member of the band is a prolific composer, thus they naturally began focusing on their own projects. While Tim Regan and Jeff Hulett formed separate bands (Raygun and Jeffrey James and the Haul respectively), the remaining members (Brandon Robertson, Nahshon Benford, and Brad Postlethwaite) began working together on a series of records.

Oxytocin marks the first in this series. It began as an attempt to catalog old, unreleased Snowglobe songs (written during the Athens, GA-era), but eventually turned into a new record. The members of Snowglobe (and others) played a large role in its creation, thus it is unfair to refer to it as a "solo" project. More accurately, it is a collaborative effort directed by one Snowglobe songwriter (Brad Postlethwaite) as opposed to several. The next project in the series will be titled "the Black Squirrels." This will be directed by Brandon Robertson (Snowglobe bassist). Following that will be a record by Nahshon Benford (Snowglobe brass and flautist).

Snowglobe - Rainbow
Snowglobe - Dry
Snowglobe - At Times A Nightmare
Snowglobe - Changes (from Doing The Distance)
Snowglobe - Regime (from Doing The Distance)

Tally Hall - Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum !!!
The Eyeliners - No Apologies !!!
Le Tigre - Le Tigre !!!
Gossip - Standing In The Way Of Control !!!
Sleater-Kinney - Woods !!!
Wolfmother - Wolfmother !!!
Tom Waits - Nighthawks At The Diner !!!
KT Tunstall - Eye To The Telescope !!!
Blur - Observer [EP] + The Best Of
Old 97's - Drag It Up
Ocean Colour Scene - Moseley Shoals
Rasputina - A Radical Recital [Live]

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Auf Der Maur - Live Acoustic

Bassist Melissa Auf Der Maur was briefly a member of two of the ‘90s biggest alt-rock groups, Hole and Smashing Pumpkins, before launching a solo career during the early 21st century. Born on March 17, 1972 in Montreal, Canada (her mother, Linda Gaboriau, was one of Montreal's first female rock radio DJ's), Auf Der Maur started her music career by playing bass in local outfits, including Tinker. But the course of her musical career was inadvertently changed due to a thrown bottle. Auf Der Maur and some friends went to see Smashing Pumpkins on one of their first Canadian tours, and when one of her friends in the audience threw a bottle on stage, Auf Der Maur made it a point to apologize to Pumpkins leader Billy Corgan for the incident. Soon the two got to talking, and a friendship was born.

By 1994, when Corgan heard that friend Courtney Love was in sudden need of a bass player (due to the drug-related death of Kristen Pfaff), the head Pumpkin recommended Auf Der Maur to Love as a replacement. Soonafter, Auf Der Maur landed the gig, and bid adieu to Tinker (who managed a brief recording career with other members). After Hole's world tour wrapped up in support of their breakthrough release, Live Through This, Corgan helped land Auf Der Maur a spot the 1997 solo release by ex-Cars leader Ric Ocasek, Troublizing (which Corgan produced as well). After a brief U.S. tour wrapped up (which saw Auf Der Maur take Ben Orr's spot to sing “Drive" each night), the bassist returned to Hole, who finished up work on their third full-length overall, 1998's Celebrity Skin -- which Corgan served as a ‘consultant' on. Once the album's tour wound down, Corgan came a-callin' once more, this time inviting Auf Der Maur to join the Smashing Pumpkins (who had dismissed co-founding bassist, D'Arcy, under mysterious circumstances). But the Auf Der Maur-era of the band didn't last long -- after a pair of albums, 2000's MACHINA/The Machines of God and Friends and Enemies of Modern Music (the latter of which was never formally released by the group's record company), the Pumpkins' split up.

In the wake of the Pumpkins' split, Auf Der Maur kept herself busy with a few projects, including a Black Sabbath tribute band called Hand of Doom (which she handled lead vocals for), as well as an all-star side project, the Virgins, with former Pumpkins bandmate, James Iha (which was rumored to also include Ryan Adams and Evan Dando, among others). In summer 2004, the bassist's solo debut, Auf Der Maur, was released. Produced by Chris Goss, the album featured appearances by a variety of renowned guests, including Blinker the Star's Jordan Zadorozny, Tinker's Steve Durand, Tomahawk's John Stanier, James Iha, Hole's Eric Erlandson, Rocket from the Crypt's Atom Willard, Fu Manchu's Brant Bjork, and Queens of the Stone Age mainmen Nick Oliveri and Josh Homme.

The presented is 4 songs acoustic set inluding:

1. Followed The Waves (Live @ Oui FM)
2. Good News (Live @ Rtl 2)
3. Real A Lie (Live @ Rtl 2)
4. Taste You (Live @ Rtl 2)

Download it here!

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Andy Summers & Robert Fripp - I Advance Masked
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Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Grant W. McLennan of Australia's the Go-Betweens, one of the defining indie bands of the 1980s, died in his sleep on Saturday at his home in Brisbane. He was 48. Anchored by McLennan and his songwriting partner, Robert Forster, the Go-Betweens combined meticulous songcraft with a spare, sometimes experimental approach to recording and instrumentation, earning the group a hardy fan base without considerable commercial success. After a breakup in 1989, the group reunited in the late 1990s, recording with the members of Sleater-Kinney and winning an award from the Australian Recording Industry Association in 2005 for the album Oceans Apart. McLennan was born in 1958, in Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia ...

Former Libertines frontman Carl Barat has declared the band haven't split up, and thinks he will one day be back on stage with Pete Doherty. The pair went their separate ways in 2004 after The Libertines' second album. However, despite a troubled relationship they are still in touch, and Barat thinks their old project is still very much alive. "I like to think I left it on ice," he said in an interview with The Scotsman. "We're obviously busy with other things, but I like it when I see Pete as long as it's not really public. "He's not the kind of guy you can go out for a pint with and say, 'I've got to go in an hour.' You've just got to buckle up your seatbelt and get ready for the ride. "By the very nature of my and Pete's relationship, we could be back on stage before you know it." Carl's new band Dirty Pretty Things released their debut album Waterloo To Anywhere this week ...

Red Hot Chili Peppers say they are "broken-hearted" after their new album was leaked on the internet. Bassist Flea said the leaking of Stadium Arcadium, due out on May 8, had been a "bitter pill to swallow". "If you download it now off one of these file sharing sites you will be getting a pale imitation of the record," he said. "It will be of the poor sound quality of the technique they used to get it on there and that will break my heart, it will break John Frusciante's heart, it will break Anthony Kiedis' heart and it will break the heart of Chad Smith." He added: "Yes, we worked for a year and a half to make the epic record of our lives and it is sad to me for the business reasons of course. "I think we are selling something really cool and we put all we had into it, 28 songs, two hours of the best that we can offer and I think it is a fair deal for everyone. "For people to just steal a poor sound quality version of it for free because some asshole stole it and put it on the internet is sad to me." ...

Killers frontman Brandon Flowers says the band are recording "one of the best albums in the past 20 years". He told "We just have to make the best album that we can. And we're doing it. This album is one of the best albums in the past 20 years. "There's nothing that touches this album. And that sounds like I'm being cocky, but I'm just so excited." The Las Vegas group have been recording in their hometown since January with producers Flood and Alan Moulder. The album is due out in September and is set to feature tracks including Bones, Where The White Boys Dance, For Reasons Unknown and My Lists. Flowers has revealed how he feels reborn after discovering the music of Bruce Springsteen. "I fell in love with The Smiths and the Pet Shop Boys when I was 12 years old, and I never thought that could happen again. "And that was kind of sad, but then I had another one of those 12-year-old experiences when I was 23, but this time with Bruce Springsteen. "And it was just - it was elation... He's a gift, and I didn't know. There was something in his music that touched what I was going through, the process of falling back in love with my America." ...

Sigur Ros - Live @ Palis Melbourn 11-04-2006
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Friday, May 05, 2006

Band Of Horses - Live On KEXP

The band that created a lot of buzz in the last months among indie fans, Band Of Horses, is certainly one of the most serious candidates to win the title of the best indie newcomer in 2006. The band is founded by the former Seattle's Carissa's Wierd drummer, Ben Bridwell, joined later his old friend, ex Carissa's Wierd singer, Mat Brooke, who co-authored some of the songs on the band's debut "Everything All The Time". Band Of Horses is often compared to My Morning Jacket but is far from being just another clone of it. Band Of Horses supported Iron & Wine and Okkervil River, and are currently touring around US. The presented is live appearance on KEXP from April 2006.

The tracks included are:

1. The Great Salt Lake
2. Part One
3. Wicked Gil
4. Funeral

Download it here!

Manic Street Preachers - Know Your Enemy !!!
+ Lenny Kravitz, Motley Crue, Matcbox 20, etc.
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Mindless Self Indulgence - Alienating Our Audience + Despierta Los Ninos
Ice T - The Ice Opinion
Spice 1 - 187 He Wrote
+ Sans Seraph, Powerman 5000, etc.
Pearl Jam - Pearl Jam (2006)
Wilco - A Ghost Is Born + Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
Tool - 10000 Days
Gotan Project - Lunatico
50 Cent - Get Rich Or Die Trying
Gnarls Barkley - St. Elsewhere
The Raconteurs - Broken Boy Soldiers

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Indie Hip-Hop: 7L & Esoteric

7L & Esoteric formed in 1992 when Esoteric, the emcee of the group, deejayed a Hip Hop show at a college radio station north of Boston. 7L, a DJ / producer who listened to the show contacted Esoteric in interest of collaborating. Through the duo’s understanding of the often under-appreciated golden age of Hip Hop (1985-89), a bond was formed. 7L and Esoteric have been in the indie hip-hop scene for over ten years. They are dropping their new record "A New Dope" on June 27th . Their influences trace back to the "golden age" of hip-hop and they have collaborated with such artists such as Marley Marl, Inspectah Deck from the Wu-Tang Clan, and even the legendary Kool Keith on this record.

7L & Esoteric @ MySpace

Chris Whitley - Living With The Law !!!
Fall Out Boy - From Under The Cork Tree
2Pac - All Eyez On Me + Greatest Hits
The Postal Service - Give Up

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

At Dusk

At Dusk are Greg, Will and Cary, the mid-school friends, who settled themself, after graduating in 2002, in Portland area, where they started intensively to play together. Up to now, they released three albums and played a number of live shows around the country. Currently, they are touring around California and support the bands like (one of my favorites) the Plastic Constellations. Speaking about At Dusk's music, the various influences could be recognized. The melodies are kind of Mogwai-like, backed up with multiple vocals falling into each other and complex computer-generated drum beats. Their latest album, entitled "You Can Know Danger", is the band's most complete release up to date. It shows the band's great potential, that can be clearly recognized in the songs like "Wish I Was Younger" or "In The Background". The good thing is that all the albums are available for free preview (and download) at band's homepage. Check it out!

At Dusk - Wish I Was Younger
At Dusk - Forever Ago
At Dusk - We Saw Them Leave You There

Gorillaz - Demon Days Live !!!
Placebo - Meds
Sonata Arctica - Ecliptica
Placebo - Meds
Nellie McKay, The Beastels, Gang Starr
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