Monday, May 18, 2009

Free album release... Coldplay

Coldplay has released a free live album, titled "LeftRightLeftRightLeft" and taken from their Viva la Vida World Tour, for download from their official site. Taken from a recent news article on the site:

"Good afternoon. As previously announced, Coldplay are to give away CDs of their new live album, LeftRightLeftRightLeft, at every remaining live show in 2009 (apart from festival shows), beginning with their West Palm Beach gig in Florida on Friday (May 15th).

Friday is also the day when the free download of the album will become available right here on If you want to be among the very first to have it, then set a reminder for 9am UK time, as we can now confirm that's when the download will be going live. Click here to find out what time that is where you are."

Coldplay - LeftRightLeftRightLeft (free album download)


SONG OF THE DAY: Sally Shapiro - Miracle
(from forthcoming album, to be released on on Paper Bag Records)


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Friday, May 15, 2009

Cage The Elephant

Cage the Elephant is an American rock band from Bowling Green, Kentucky. Their single "Ain't No Rest For the Wicked" reached number 32 on the UK Singles Chart. The band signed with EMI Records after showcasing at the 2007 South by Southwest music festival, and then moved to East London, England.

They released their self-titled debut album, Cage the Elephant, on 23 June 2008. The album obtained favorable reviews, which praised its delivery of powerful rock. Cage the Elephant increased their fanbase after appearing as a support act on tour with The Pigeon Detectives in early 2008. The single, "Ain't No Rest For the Wicked", was free single of the week on iTunes for the week of April 12. Recommended!

Cage The Elephant - The Tiny Little Robots
Cage The Elephant - Lotus
Cage The Elephant - I Wanna Be Your Dog ( Iggy Pop & The Stooges cover)
Cage The Elephant @ MySpace


SONG OF THE DAY: Julian Plenti (Paul Banks from Interpol) - Fun That We Have
(from Skyscraper, out August 4th on Matador)


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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Free album release... Boris Skalsky

In 2005, Boris Skalsky, fresh from the break-up of his prior band Phaser, began writing music under the moniker Dead Heart Bloom. He released two records, a 2006 self-titled debut album and 2007’s Chelsea Diaries. In 2008, Boris felt himself being drawn again to the group dynamic, and Dead Heart Bloom began morphing from a solo project to a full collaborative endeavor, finally developing into a four-piece band. In this new guise Dead Heart Bloom released a series of three EPs in 2008, ranging from the fierce aggression of a loud rock tune to the spaced-out vibe of an ambient folk revival, with plans for a 2009 follow-up.

Yet while the dynamics of Dead Heart Bloom were transforming, Boris continued writing the more stripped-down songs that defined the 2007 acoustic release Chelsea Diaries. Because these new songs no longer fit the Dead Heart Bloom aesthetic, Boris is releasing them as a true solo album, an eight song collection titled First Songs.

These eight tracks, from the acoustic jangle of “It’s A Truth” to the reverb-ed piano of “A Love To Remember,” are drawn from some 20 unreleased songs written and recorded between 2007 and 2008. They were composed and recorded spontaneously: tracked the night they were written, with limited overdubs, no extra musicians, and no weeks of hand wringing over rough guitar tones and raw vocal takes. The intention was to preserve the honesty of the performance and the directness of the lyrics— to capture the first vibe, the first inspiration, the first take. The first song.

First Songs was written, performed, and recorded by Boris Skalsky. The record will be released digitally through the newly launched website in May and will be available through a number of online digital stores beginning June 2nd. Recommended!

Boris Skalsky - Bright Eyes Gone
Boris Skalsky - First Songs (full album download)


SONG OF THE DAY: Bowerbirds - Northern Lights
(from Upper Air, out July 7th on Dead Oceans)


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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Little Big Adventure

Things turned when I took all my savings and bought a Casio-keyboard. Instead of writing boring guitar songs I could now play everything on this. I’m not exactly a skilled keyboard player so I recorded everything note by note and then cut it all together in my music program. To cover up all my technical flaws I put a noise filter on everything so that no one could hear the glitches between the notes, and no one could hear the noise from the microphone, as everything was noisy.

This was back in the year 2004 and now five years have passed and nothing much has happened. I still write about what has happened since last I was drunk. But now I also write about trying people at school, trying people on the streets, or trying people on the Internet. Or songs about my low self esteem. Or about hate.

I once tried to explain that all my songs are about hate, and that’s probably true, with some very few exceptions. (by Magnus Sätterström, Little Big Adventure)

Little Big Adventure
is the brainchild of Magnus Sätterström who studies on technical college, named his band after a PC game from 1994 and he writes eccentric pop songs about hate. The debut EP called "The Hateful Eye EP" is set for release on May 13 on Labrador. Recommended!

Little Big Adventure - Happiest Times
Little Big Adventure - Free Mp3's
Little Big Adventure @ MySpace


SONG OF THE DAY: Dinosaur Jr. - I Want You To Know
(from Farm, out June 22nd on PIAS/Jagjaguwar)


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Monday, May 11, 2009


Recluse is a band from New York City that was started by Tim Barr in the summer of 2007. Recluse evokes feelings of deep emotion rooted in a rock/pop vibe. The combination of diligent guitar work and songwriting as well as intense raw vocals creates a depth not commonly felt in today's popular music. Fed up with writing and performing strictly in the confines of his bedroom, Tim enlisted his close friends, Charles Mctavish, James Nelson and Peter Mistretta to play drums, bass and guitar respectively. They began rehearsing in the basement of a building in the manhattan neighborhood of Chelsea. After several months of practicing the band went into the studio to cut their first EP.

After many hours and sleepless nights, the band completed their first EP which officially pressed in march of 2008. The band has been playing shows all throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn as well as parts of upstate New York. At the present time Recluse is back in the studio recording more tracks to complete their full length record. Recommended!

Recluse - Perfect Sight
Recluse @ MySpace


SONG OF THE DAY: Jeremy Enigk - Life Is Too Short
(from OK Bear, out on May 12th on Lewis Hollow)


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